We all are familiar with what hot and blazing summers can do to you. Your energy levels get all drained and you become dull and inactive. Certain people face respiratory issues too due to an increase in the levels of humidity. A moment of relief in this heat is the cool blast of air from air conditioners.

One cannot survive the blazing heat of summers without air conditioners. Today air conditioning has become an integral part of our life. Whether it is some office, school, car, gym, or any place, it surely has some sort of air conditioning system. But along with the positive impacts of AC’s, there are certain negative impacts that you might not be aware of like Ionization.

So without any further delay, let us check the pros and cons of using air conditioners

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Air Conditioning Pros & Cons

There is both a positive and negative impact of air conditioning on our bodies and environment.

Positive Effects of Air Conditioning

There have been certain studies regarding this issue. Let us check them out thoroughly

Good for Heart

One of the studies of Harvard Medical School says that heat is not good for the heart. So you need to keep cool to avoid any cardiovascular issue.

Also, heat is bad for climate change says one study due to which global warming is becoming a serious issue this world’s facing.

Reduction in Insects

Lower temperatures have been shown to reduce the presence of insects indoors thus improving the indoor living conditions.

Better Respiratory Conditions

If your AC is in good condition then it can be useful for people with respiratory ailments. The use of air conditioners can help reduce allergens such as pollen.

Increased Energy Levels

The use of ACs can promote freshness as the person gets active and fresh with the soothing cold breeze coming from the ACS. Also, comfort and energy levels of the person get increased due to which the person can perform well in a working environment.

Negative Effects of Air Conditioning

Not only it has positive effects but also some negative too. Look out for yourself and your loved ones if you feel any of the following

Migraine and Headaches

The most common side-effect of the air conditioning system is that the person who sits mostly in air-conditioned rooms has to face headaches and migraines. This is the most common side-effect that can be found everywhere

Eye Infections

Air conditioning systems can cause its users some serious eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis. Also, it can affect people who use contact lenses and sit excessively in air-conditioned rooms.


Dehydration is another side-effect of ACs as it draws out all the humidity from the air and the person doesn’t feel the need to drink water, thus leading to dehydration.

Dry and Itchy Skin

Dry skin is also a common negative effect of staying in air-conditioned rooms too much. Exposure to the sun along with exposure to air-conditioned air can cause the problem of itchy skin.

Respiratory and Breathing Issues

If your AC is not well maintained or properly cleaned, it can arise several problems such as it can worsen allergen in the room. It gives the pathway to a number of microbes that can worsen respiratory issues such as asthma.

Also, over-excessive use of air-conditioning can lead to breathing issues. One of the common diseases is Legionnaire’s Disease, which can cause high fever and pneumonia.

The Decrease Inability to Tolerate Summers

If a person spends most of his time in air-conditioning systems, it decreases its ability to tolerate summers because of the fact that the AC’s mess up with our natural body temperature. This can increase the number of deaths due to heat-waves.

Air Purifiers To Avoid Air Conditioning Health

Air purifiers are used to make sure that the air you breathe doesn’t contain contaminated particles that can harm you. They filter out all the particles in the air even if the room is air-conditioned so that you don’t have to face any health issues. You can look out for air purifiers and how do they help in reducing air pollution in our detailed blog here.

We have short-listed best air purifiers available


Air conditioning has both its pros and cons. As discussed earlier in detail it not only has positive effects but also negative. On one hand, it provides you with a comforting cool environment so that you can relax and work actively but on the other hand, it can cause different problems e.g. dry skin, dehydration, migraine, or headaches.

So you need to look out for yourself in case if you find that the air-conditioning systems are hurting you. To save yourself from the pollutants in the air that can cause unease and respiratory issues you should get an air purifier or air ionizers.

Air purifiers are what can help you remove pollutants, allergens, odors from the room so that you can have a relaxing time even if the air conditioning systems are working. We hope that our air purifier products listed above can help you and your loved ones a good environment to breathe-in.

Is Air Conditioning Bad for You?

If your AC is not cleaned or old, it can cause a lot of negative effects as well. Air conditioning illness includes dry skin, irritation in eyes, respiratory issues, migraines or headaches, etc. So you should be careful and not be addicted to air-conditioned air as it can be very harmful once you become used to it.

Can an Air Conditioner Make You Sick?

Yes, it can make you sick and is harmful to your health if exposed to it continuously for a long period. Air conditioning health problems can lead to many serious health issues. Once a person becomes addicted to it, one cannot stay without it for long, which is one of the reasons for deaths in summer due to heat-waves as our natural body temperature is messed up.

How Do You Stop the Side Effects of Ac?

To ensure that you don’t face any air conditioning health problems, make sure that your AC is maintained on time. Avoid excessive sitting in air-conditioned rooms. Also, avoid sudden change of temperature as exposure to sunlight along with exposure to air-conditioned air can cause skin troubles.

Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?

Yes, one of the main symptoms that air-conditioning systems are affecting you negatively is that you get headaches or migraine attacks. It is the most common among other ac health problems. Excessive exposure to AC’s is seen to have harmful effects on a person’s health.

What Are Air Conditioning Health Problems? How to Overcome Ac Illness
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What Are Air Conditioning Health Problems? How to Overcome Ac Illness
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