Know the Difference Between Air Purifier and Ionizer:

To sustain a healthy life one needs uncontaminated air to breathe, in addition to healthy food and lifestyle. It has to be free from impurities, dust, and allergens. If you are struggling with respiratory problems like asthma or have allergies, the impurities in the air you breathe can worsen your condition. Obviously, you cannot exercise control over the outside environment, but you can condition and purify the air inside your home or workplace.

Fortunately, technology has eased your worries. There are plenty of air purifying products available in the market which can help you to purify your indoor air. However, due to the unregulated market of these products, you need to have information about these products to make the right decision. The two products that are creating waves in the market nowadays are;

  1. Air Purifiers
  2. Air Ionizers

Both of these products can help you remove impurities from your house or office and help you with breathing problems. Both these products perform similar functions; to kill the airborne particles but work differently.

The air purifier uses HEPA filters and the ionizer uses electrostatic charge; negative ions to remove the positive ions from the atmosphere but the question is which one is more effective and satisfies your needs?

Which is One to Choose From? Air Purifiers Vs Ionizers

Selecting between the air purifiers and air ionizers can be overwhelming. Because many of you may not know the exact difference. So, in most cases, you may end up buying the product which does not exactly fulfill your needs. If you are confused about which product to choose between air purifiers and air ionizers, we have done the breakdown for you.

This comprehensive guide will help you to differentiate and select between the air purifier and ionizer benefits. Once you are finished reading this, you will easily be able to make an informed choice on what is going to be more suitable for your house or office according to your needs and preferences. Let’s probe into the details without wasting more time.

Already know what ionizers and air purifiers are but want to know how they work and the pros and cons? Here is a short guide for you to jump to the desired content, directly.

Air Purifier Vs Ionizer

Both of these products are made exclusively for one function; to remove contaminants from the air so that it is free from toxic particles and can be breathed easily, thus, creating a healthy and impurity-free environment. The main difference between both products is the mechanism that they use to purify the air.

Before buying one, you need should have detailed information about the ionizers and air purifiers; their differences, working mechanism, maintenance cost, and pros and cons so that you know which fits your needs and preferences.

Air Purifier

The air purifier is a product that cleans and purifies the air of the room by the mechanism of sucking the air from it. It then filters the air before pushing it back into the room. The main way by which it filters the impure air is through its internal filters. It has advanced technology filters that filter the air from all contaminants and pollutants. These filters trap all the particles in the air such as dust, pollen, and other contaminants, resulting in the removal of all the airborne particles and then after thoroughly filtering it, push it back into the room.

How Does Air Purifier Works?

Air purifiers can remove most of the particles from the air by trapping them and throwing out the clean air through its filters. All of the top market products are using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters that are modern technology filters regarded as a standard for purification that will just do the work for you. They trap these particles, even the very small ones, providing you with a clean environment to breathe in.

Hepa air purifiers are the top trending ones as well as one of the most expensive products. They can filter 99.97% of particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. Keeping in mind that the human eye can’t see any particles smaller than 10 microns, these HEPA filters are something extraordinary. They are made up of a tightly packed web of woven fibers that will trap impurities in the first few layers, further smaller particles will be trapped in the next fiber web-layers assuring you clean air in the atmosphere.

These HEPA air filters combined with modern technology are making these air purifiers more advanced and efficient. The coverage area of these air purifiers varies from product to product. Some might cover larger areas while some cover a very small space.

Maintenance Cost

If you are buying an Air purifier, you need to know about the annual cost of its maintenance and replacement of its filters. Now you know about it’s working, you know that its advanced technology filters are the main mechanism through which it will clean the impurities. These filters need to be replaced after some time, some of them need to be changed within a year. The cost of replacing them is high and expensive.

So, you need to look for your budget before purchasing one. Moreover, you need to consider the filter replacement cost of the product as well but there some amazing air purifiers benefits which you can’t ignore.

Air Purifier Pros

  • It has multiple filters so fewer chances of impurities
  • Usage of modern technologies
  • With the HEPA filters, about 99% of particles will be removed
  • Even the smallest particles will be trapped

Air Purifier Cons

  • It is expensive
  • Maintenance is required
  • The filter needs to be replaced after some time
  • Overall higher annual maintenance cost

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Air Ionizers

Air ionizers while on the other hand will also clean the contaminated particles from the air giving you a healthy environment. It does not involve the filter like the one used in Air Purifiers that needs to be replaced after some time. Rather it uses another approach to remove the pollutants. It uses an electrostatic charge to normalize these particles.

How Does Air Ionizers Work??

Air ionizers work differently than purifiers. It removes the dust and allergy-causing pollutants through simple basic physics, electrostatic charge; positive and negative ions.
It sends out negatively charged ions into the air that later bonds with the positively charged pollutants such as dust, allergens, etc. Thus, forming a bond between these released ions and the positively charged pollutants in the atmosphere. This leads to an increase in the weight of these air-borne particles.

If the weight of these bonded-ions is heavier, they cannot stay for much longer in the air and are settled out as they drop to the nearby surface or fall on to the ground. After they have been dropped from the atmosphere, the chances of them being inhaled are very slight. Therefore, they can easily be removed from the floor through a vacuum cleaner.

Another modern advancement in these ionizers is the special electrostatic plate as the alternative for vacuum. These plates will attract these dropped ions towards itself, thus removing the particles from the room without getting into the hassle of vacuuming them. These special plates are reusable. They just need to be cleaned and reused again.

Maintenance Cost

One of the main benefits of ionizer in your house is that these ionizers don’t use much of the filters and the technology used in Air Purifiers so there will be no annual cost for maintaining these home ionizers. You can easily buy one from the market and set it up. After that, you are done. You just need to relax and breathe all cleaned air from these dust particles.

Air Ionizers Pros

  • It can easily remove the smaller particles from your home’s indoor air.
  • Less costly and very cheap because of no use of filters.
  • Operates greatly for indoors.
  • Compact size
  • Removes bacteria and allergens to improve health conditions
  • Removes the smoke from the house e.g. cigarette smoke
  • It also removes the smell from the room e.g. pet odors.

Air Ionizers Cons:

  • May be less effective for larger particles because of no filters.
  • Varies from product to product.
  • Ozone generators sold as Ionizers can have serious health issues

Looking For Best Air Ionizers To Buy In 2021?


You can choose an ionizer or air purifier depending upon your needs and area. We suggest that you go to an air purifier. Why?
More advanced technology

  • Complete removal of dust and allergens
  • Filtering mechanism through which even very small particles will be trapped
  • Hepa filters will remove 99% of particles.
  • Now you know the working of both products; air purifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Air Ionizers Worth It?

Yes, these air ionizers operating on advance improvements and HEPA filters will assure you the removal of unwanted particles by 99%. They can be used indoors to keep the atmosphere clean and free from impurities.

Can an Ionizer Make You Sick?

Most of these products are completely safe for health. They only work by releasing the negative ions in the air, which doesn’t affect human health in any way but ozone generators sold as ionizers have a bad impact on health. These ozone generators can cause some serious health issues.

Why Should I Get an Ionizer?

The air you are breathing is not free from impurities and it can cause many mental and physical health conditions to you. If you use these ionizers you will be improving your respiratory problems, allergies, dust, smell, and odor from the indoor atmosphere.

Should You Use an Ionizer Air Purifier?

Yes, we suggest that you should use ionizer air purifiers for your indoors.

  • It will improve the quality of air in the home because of its wide range.
  • You will actually feel the refreshing sense of air in your room after using these ionizers as they can kill 0.1 microns pollutants as well
  • Improve your health conditions as it will kill most of the allergens and respiratory problems like asthma
  • HEPA filters used in purifiers can kill up to 99 percent of these contaminating pollutants.

Do Ionizers Get Rid of Smells?

Yes, these ionizers are modern and improved and they know how to remove the smell from the room. They change the structure of particles due to its carbon filter. So you don’t need to be worried about the unpleasant smell in the room as long as your ionizer has a carbon filter.

How to Use Ionizers?

  • Setup the ionizer in the room.
  • Keep it turned on
  • Close the nearby windows and doors to make sure no impurities come through.

Which Ionizer to Buy?

It varies from product to product. Find one that is suitable for your room and is budget-friendly keeping in view the maintenance cost as well. There are many ionizers that you can choose from. You can match one with your room decor, color, and size.

Do Air Ionizers Remove the Odor?

It varies from product to product. Some of these ionizers are helpful in removing the odor. It can remove the smell and odor from the room completely through its carbon filters such as smoke and the smell of cigarettes by neutralizing the unwanted particles.

What is the Difference Between an Air Purifier and Ionizer?
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