Dyson has introduced many powerful household products since the beginning. Their powerful products are of top-notch quality and perform well in the long term, proving to be a good value for the money spent. Dyson has introduced many air purifier series that has received positive reviews in the past.

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The customers and critics love Dyson’s air multiplier technology. The fans using air multiplier technology are powerful and highly efficient.

This article will compare two of the top products from the air multiplier series, Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05. We will discuss the similarities, the differences, and the features that make one better than the other.

What Is Air Multiplier Technology?

Imagine the functioning of a vacuum but in reverse. The air multiplier technology used in these air multipliers makes the flow of air smooth and powerful. It does not use blades like everyday fans to provide a cool breeze. Then how do these air multipliers work? The Dyson air multipliers have an electric brushless motor that is powerful enough to continuously draw in and throw out the air after being multiplied.

Similarities Between Dyson AM04 Vs. Dyson AM05

Design and Size

It is hard to spot any differences in the Dyson AM04 and AM05 concerning their physical appearance. The two heater fans are the same in size and shape. Their dimensions are:

AM04 Dimensions

( L x W x H): 7.8” x 7.91” x 22.8”

AM05 Dimensions

(L x W x H): 7.9” x 7.91” x 22.8”

Besides this, the only significant difference is the weight. The Dyson hot+cool AM05 weighs 5.2 lbs, whereas the AM04 weighs more at 8.13 lbs.

These two air multipliers have an aesthetic design that makes them an ideal addition to improve your house’s look. They are bladeless and have hidden heating features. They have a cylindrical base and two digits LCD surrounded by other control buttons.

Heater Fans

Both the Dyson AM04 and AM05 hot+cool (as made evident by name) act like fans and heaters. They do not have the purification feature, though. These are potent fans that cool and heat efficiently. Their air multiplier technology allows the cold and hot air to be flowed out smoothly.

No Blades

Dyson AM04 and AM05 have no blades. They do not use knives to throw out the cool or hot air; instead, they use electrical motors to power the airflow, making the fans easier to maintain and clean.

Child Safety Features

The Dyson AM04 hot+cool and AM05 are made safer with the child safety features. Since there are no blades, it is safe for kids or pets to be around these cooling fans. Along with this, the auto trip off feature turns off the device automatically if tripped over, which is a valuable feature to have in homes where kids or pets run around.

Remote Control

Both fans come along with remote control. Many times, the customers reported losing the remote control quickly due to its small size. Nevertheless, the Dyson company solved the problem by manufacturing the magnetic remote controls. These remotes can be placed on top of the air multiplier’s cylindrical curve, and due to the magnetic property, the small sticks there, and there are no chances of losing the remote.

Differences Between Dyson AM04 Vs. Dyson AM05

As hard it is to spot differences in the physical appearance of the two air multipliers. It is just as hard to see the performance and know the real difference between these two. But since the Dyson AM05 heater is the updated version of the Dyson AM04, there has got to be an eye-catching update, right? Well, there is, and that is the electrical motor used in the Dyson AM05.

Electrical Motor

All Dyson fans using the air multiplier technology use brushless motors to draw in the air. The powerful the engine is, the more will be the air drawn in, and the more will be the air multiplied and thrown out. The power of an electric motor makes a remarkable difference in performance.

The motor used in the Dyson AM05 air multiplier is more potent than the one used in the previous device.

Colors Available

Yes, the only other difference you can find is the colors available for the two models. The Dyson AM05 is available in more colors: nickel/black, silver/white, and iron/blue. Whereas the AM04 only has two colors available white/silver, blue/iron.

Dyson AM04 Vs. Dyson AM05 Comparision Table

FeaturesDyson AM04Dyson AM05
Unit TypeDesk UnitDesk Unit
Air Multiplier TechnologyYesYes
Backward AirflowNoNo
Auto ModeNoNo
Night ModeNoNo
Sleep TimerNoNo
Remote ControlYesYes
Smart FeaturesNoNo

Top 3 Dyson Heaters Detailed Review

Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool Fan IRON/FUSIA

Dyson AM04 Review

The Dyson AM04 hot+cool has a sleek design that improves the look of the surroundings it is placed in. The AM04 sucks in the air through the grills located at the circular base and using the air multiplier technology, the air is flown out smoothly from the top of the fan over the wide ranges.

The fan temperature can be set from 33° F to 99° F. Given the temperature range; we understand the fan works well enough to provide a cool breeze. Additionally, it is unrealistic to expect your lover to cool the entire when its job is to circulate the air already present in your surroundings. The fan provides the sensation of a cold breeze but does not work and an air conditioner.

Find out other ways to cool your room

The problem of cold spots and hot spots being left during heating or cooling is made better in this air multiplier as the top of the fan can be tilted 10° (forward or backward) from its original position. This feature of Dyson AM04 makes the airflow better, and the air spreads out smoothly into the room.

Another problem with some heating fans is the burning smell that gives the feeling that the device is overheated. However, for this heating fan, the heating is done by ceramic plates, which keeps the heat in check and prevents overheating or the burning smell.

Dyson AM04 fan is easy to operate with the circular-shaped magnetic remote that comes with it. The remote control can be placed easily on the circular magnetic top of the device. The remote has various control that allows you to control the heating and cooling settings without getting up. As far as controlling the device manually is concerned, the device has an LCD with two digits, and there are buttons alongside to operate the settings.

One way to completely describe this air multiplier? It is safe and efficient. The bladeless design and the powerful healing and cooling feature make this an excellent product to purchase.

The downside to getting this air multiplier? The only downside to getting this air multiplier is that it is expensive for the features that you get in return. It is available in the market for $200.00, which might not be much for some people to spend in, but it is a sober spent because of the lack of additional features.

  • Aesthetic design.
  • Child safety measures.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Expensive
  • No additional features.
  • Can be noisy.
Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, Blue

Dyson AM05 Review

Dyson hot+cool AM05 is the product of Dyson using the air multiplier technology to its best. This model has the same design as the previous model in the series. It can be placed on the desk to provide the required heating or placed on the floor; whatever works better for you.

The Dyson AM05 is a powerful air multiplier that draws in 6 gallons of air per second from the base’s grills. The air inside the vents in the air multiplier is continuously multiplied as it is thrown out from the fan. The airflow that is usually spread over a wide range in one direction can be used to heat or cool the whole room by turning on the oscillation.

How to turn on the oscillation? The air multiplier has multiple controls on its base; on the extreme right is the button to toggle the change, the other buttons on the right side allow you to set the thermostat as per your requirements. If the temperature is low and the air multiplier is acting as a fan, the light around the power button (which is located on the left side) will turn blue, whereas it will be red in the case of heating.

The temperature can be set between 33° F to 99° F, and similarly to the Dyson AM04, the direction of airflow can be changed by tilting the top of the fan 10° (front or backward). The cooling and heating are efficient, dropping or increasing the temperature accordingly.

As an upgrade to the previous model, Dyson AM05 has a faster motor that has improved the air intake and airflow in this air multiplier. If you ask us, it truly is an important update.

This model also has a circular magnetic remote control that can be mounted on top of the device easily as for the remote control.

What’s the downside? Well, firstly, it is expensive with a price tag of $399.99. Secondly, the air multiplier can be a bit noisy. At its lowest fan setting, the air multiplier makes as much noise as the AM06 at its highest fan setting. However, the noise problem is mainly when using the cooling fan feature, whereas the heater fan works smoothly, making noise that does not cause a disturbance.

  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Efficient heater.
  • Expensive $$
Dyson AM09 Fan Heater, Iron/Blue

Dyson AM09 Review

If you are looking for the best product out of the series, it has always got to be the latest one. Usually, that is the case due to all the updates made on the previous models. The Dyson AM09 is the better and upgraded version of AM05.

The crucial upgrades made in AM09 are the jet focused control and the sleep timer. The rush focused management allows you to control the air to flow with precision in a specific direction. The air that flows with precision makes this device energy-efficient, something missing in the previous models. Along with this, the sleep timer is an important feature that comes in handy.

Like the Dyson AM04 and AM05, this air multiplier does not have exposed blades or heating elements, making it safe to use around pets or kids. The cleaning is easy as there are no moving blades. The controls are easy to operate through the same circular magnetic remote that comes with the device.

The temperature can be set between 33° F to 99° F. The heater in this air multiplier is known to be more effective and powerful. It is said to be heat up the whole room within hours, whereas the previous models would heat only small spaces. The cooling feature circulates the air present in the surroundings, burning off the heat in summers.

The 10° tilting of the fan’s top in the backward and forward direction allows the air to be flowed out in different directions.

Lastly, this air multiplier has got a quiet mark accreditation. Making it a quiet functioning fan, which is an excellent feature to have and makes it easy to switch up between 10-speed fan settings.

  • Powerful heating and cooling fan.
  • Quiet.
  • Jet focus control.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Expensive.

Dyson AM04 Vs. AM05 Vs. AM09

These air multipliers have a lot in common. They are powerful and effective in heating and cooling. But there are some features in one that we like more than the others.

What To Like About Dyson Am04?

Dyson AM04 provides the basic features of a heating and cooling fan. The heating and cooling feature, along with the stylish design, serves for the looks and the function it is supposed to perform. It is relatively cheaper than the other two.

What To Like About Dyson Am05?

Due to the improved electrical motor, the airflow is better in the Dyson AM05, enhancing the air multipliers’ performance.

What To Like About Dyson Am09?

The jet-focused control of airflow allows the air to flow precisely and better, increasing the impact of the air multiplier on its surrounding atmosphere.

Dyson Series


These are the tower air purifiers. They are big and powerful. They can either be placed on the floor or small, then on the desk or elevated position. They are efficient and easy to maintain as there are no moving blades in this one either.


The desk air purifiers are sufficient for small spaces and work effectively to make your small room clean and healthier. They are mostly placed in elevated positions.


Body air purifiers. They are used to clean the air in your breathing space. They act as personal air purifiers that you can carry around from one room to another quickly as they are small and compact.


Heater air purifiers. These air purifiers are 3-in-1 air purifiers, but they are mainly known for their powerful heating.

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Best Dyson Air Purifiers Comparison in 2021


Dyson AM04 and AM05 are powerful and compact devices from Dyson’s air multiplier series. They are efficient and make a noticeable difference by dropping or increasing the air temperature around you.

Dyson AM04 vs. AM05, the one with features that would work around your house, is the one you should buy. We have thoroughly discussed the essential features and specifications to help you know the product before you finalize purchasing either one of these.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Watts of Energy Does the Dyson AM04 Use?

Dyson’s AM04 and AM05 power consumption is rated up to 1500 Watts due to the heating feature. Most other heating fans have a power consumption of up to 2000 watts.

What Size Room Does a Dyson AM04 and AM05 Hot + Cool Heater, Heat?

The Dyson company does not mention the exact area coverage of these fans. According to the customer reviews, these two are efficient for small-sized rooms. They can be placed in medium-sized rooms but are more effective in small spaces.

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