There are various options of blenders to choose from. The Vitamix E320 vs. Vitamix E310 is the newest release by the company. These two are also the cheapest blenders launched by the company. But they match with the performance of the top-notch and expensive Vitamix C-series 5200. The blades of the two are similar to the standard models like Vitamix 750 and 7500.

Vitamix E310 vs. E320: A Brief Comparison

Before we make a plunge into the highlights of each blender, how about we summarize them:

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black

Vitamix E310 Review

Vitamix E310 is sold at a high rate because it is cheaper than a lot of Vitamix Classic products. It got a lot of great features and is more affordable for 350$.

Vitamix E310 is better for your personal use, but to cater to your family, Vitamix E320 is better in storage and can make a smoothie for the whole family at one blend.

Although the E310 costs less than the Flagship C-series 5200, it has even got the pulse feature which the latter lacks. The E310 got great functionality despite it being more budget-friendly than most Vitamix products.

Vitamix E310 Features

  • Best budget-friendly Vitamix blender
  • The speed is variable, allowing you to have a chunkier beverage.
  • The 48-ounce container is ideal for smaller batches of food
  • Under-cabinet storage is effortless thanks to the low-profile container it comes with
  • You get extra color preference than with E320 (black, white, and pink)
  • Its motor is 10% much less effective than other leading Vitamix blenders, and its biggest rival, the Vitamix E320
  • It is slightly less efficient than E320 as it has smaller blades.
  • It lacks the blending options that some of the modern Vitamix blenders have
  • The storage is less if you have a large family.

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Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender Black, 64 oz

Vitamix E320 Review

The E320 and E310 might look similar at first glance, but they are pretty different. Probably the significant advantages that the E320 has over E310 are the more powerful motors and the larger blades. The blend of the E320 might be more convenient and consistent, but the overall blending performance isn’t a lot different than E310.

Vitamix E320 Features

  • Its motors are 10% better than E310 and Vitamix modern blender as well.
  • It has got more giant blades and a larger area to cut, which means better blending.
  • The 64 oz. The container can hold more food.
  • It has both the pulse feature and the variable speed dial.
  • A little more expensive than its competitor E310 at around 370$
  • It’s slightly taller than E310, which may make under cabinet storage a little complicated.
  • The large size of the containers may cause the blending of small chunks a bit tough.
  • It lacks blending presets just like E310
  • It doesn’t come in a lot of color variety comes in black.

The E310 and E320 have a 20$ difference but minor differences.

Vitamix E310 vs E320 Features

Motor and Blades

As we’ve mentioned above, the Vitamix E320 comes with a little more powerful motor than the E310, with a difference of just a 10% increase but is it worth the extra money? The Vitamix E320 is 0.2 horsepower, higher than the E310, but the actual blending isn’t different. It’s just the storage and the blades that are also slightly bigger than that of E310.

E320 has a giant pitcher, so it requires a broader base. Because the more extensive base has more giant blades, and the 10% extra horsepower helps drive these slightly larger blades. As the edges in both E310 and E320 are inbuilt, so no assembly is needed.

Cooling Systems

Vitamix E320 and the E310 are both fitted with radial cooling fans to prevent overheating. Both blenders come with thermal sensors; if the blender overheats, thermal sensors will automatically turn off the blender, and the blender will not function for around 20 to 50 minutes.

Noise Level

The Vitamix E310 and the E320 are both noisy, just as other blenders. Under the base, they have got silicon padding, so there will not be any rapid movement; however, if you are expecting it to be as quiet as the top-notch Vitamix products, you are going to be not surprised but disappointed as they try their best to be modest per as their budget but at the lowest speed setting, you’ll get around 90 decibels. In comparison, the highest setting will get it up to 100 decibels.


Both blenders have similar controls, and the interface is quite conservative as well. They include these controls with their product.

  1. On/Off switch – cause the blender to start and stop.
  2. Variable speed dial: they include ten levels of speed in their products, one being the slowest and ten being the fastest both the blenders produce enough friction to make a beverage heat up. It is excellent when you are blending a soup.
  3. Pulse button – If you are a chunk lover, then the pulse feature is for you. This feature allows you to mix like a chopper resulting in chunky pieces great for orange juice or mango juice.

Ease of Use

Operating each blender is easy. Here are a few easy directions and practices to follow:

  1. Pour water first, then the solid or soft fruits or food.
  2. Before switching on the blender, always make sure the lid is safely closed.
  3. Ensure that you start the blender at speed 1.
  4. Increase the speed gradually.
  5. When you are done blending, decrease the rate slowly.
  6. If some ingredients get stuck on top, use the included temper to push them to the bottom.


Note that the E310 the E320 jars are dishwasher safe. But if you do not have a dishwasher, both blenders are still easy to clean. After using fill the blender halfway with water, add a drop of dishwashing soap, and then turn on the dial to the slowest speed.

Gradually increase the speed till the water touches the roof of the container. Keep the blender running for a couple of minutes after some blending; you have to scrub the blender manually using warm water, dish soap, and a sponge. Play safe and make sure you do not electrocute yourself in the process.

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Both the Vitamix E310 and E320 come with shatterproof, high-quality polycarbonate pitchers. They are both ‘wet pitchers, ’ meaning that they’re more suitable for blending wet ingredients and come with a spout, which makes pouring them much convenient. Containers for both blenders also have the same rubber lid. However, there are differences, as mentioned before:

  1. The E310 comes with a narrower 48-ounce container and is more suited for a single serving.
  2. The E320 comes with a larger, wide base 64-ounce container and therefore is more appropriate for large gatherings.


Vitamix hasn’t gone cheap with their warranty for the E310. They offer a 5-year extended warranty, and for the E320, they cover security for seven years! Suppose you need your blender to be repaired. In that case, the company will also pay for the shipment cost. Adding to it, the warranty is transferrable, meaning that even if you buy a secondhand Vitamix juicer or a refurbished product, the contract will be transferred to you.


Both the Vitamix E310 and E320contain a temper. The temper that comes with the E310 is 10 inches long, and the E320 contains a tamper that is 12.5 inches long.

However, both the blenders are titled Budget blenders but comparing them with other Vitamix products, and they are both more expensive than other budget blenders. The price of E310 is $350 while the E320 costs $20 more.

Differences between Vitamix E320 and E310

Jar capacity

There is not a lot of difference between the size of the two blenders. Both the E320 and E310 are 18 inches in size and easily fit under a lot of cabinets. There is a bit difference between the capacity of both blenders; the E310 offering a 48oz container while the E320 contains a more significant 64oz container. The E310 is suitable for a single serving, and the E320 can efficiently serve more than one cup and is excellent for more giant blends.

Performance of the blender

The E310 contains a motor of 2.0 horsepower, while the higher end E320 includes an engine of 2.2 horsepower that is 10% more efficient than the former. This means that Vitamix E310 Costco is more potent than Vitamix E310, but that is true only on paper. Both the blenders are pretty like the expensive Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix 5300. Both at actual performance can handle whatever you put in them.


Both blenders offer an extended warranty. This guarantees the long-lasting ability of the blenders and the excellent care that the manufacturer provides, which results in good Vitamix E320 reviews for Vitamix. While Vitamix E310 comes with a warranty of 5 years total, Vitamix E320 comes with a warranty of 7 years reconditioned and three years full.


The E310 is the older version than the new E320, which automatically makes the latter more expensive. A new model of Vitamix E310 Costco will thus cost you around $100 more than Vitamix E310. The worth of the blenders depends on the use of both blenders. If you want to use it for yourself, the E310 is perfect for you, but if you want one for your whole family, then the E320 is preferred.

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Similarities between the Vitamix E310 vs. E320 Blenders

Though there is slight deference between the two, but there are certain similarities as well.

Speed Control:

Both blenders have quite similar speed settings. The E310 and E320 have a pulse feature that makes them popular in the market. Both blenders offer ten levels of the adjustable speed setting.

Noise levels:

Both the Explorian E310 and E320 are pretty noisy because they both have potent machines. Both the blenders output 90 decibels at the low speed and at the highest rate to go up to 100 decibels.


Both the blenders have a place with the “Future,” or the G series, yet are indistinguishable in their plans. These arrangements have a superior chopping ability, a better fumbling sound, and a superior cooling motor.

Ease of Cleaning:

Both the juicers are certified to be dishwasher safe, but they are still easy to be washed by hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is durable, Vitamix E310 or E320?

Both of them are durable enough. But the Vitamix E320 Explorian has a more extended warranty of 7-years while the E310 offers a less extended warranty of 5-years.

What is the container size of these two Explorian Vitamix models?

Vitamix E310 comes with a low-profile capacity of 48 ounces, while the E320 offers more extensive accommodation of 64 ounces.

Can I grind flour in the Vitamix Explorian?

Yes, you can grind flour in the Vitamix Explorian blender. Also, you can grind rice, nuts, or other hard items. You can crush ice in the Vitamix juicer as well.

Which Explorian makes loud noise?

Compared to Vitamix E320, Vitamix E310 Explorianis less noisy because of its less powerful motor. If you have any hearing issues, then choose the Vitamix E310 blender.

Can I use the Vitamix E310 at 220V?

No, VitamixExplorianblenders are made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards, so they have to be used at 120v.

VitamixE310 Vs E320- Which is Preferred?

To end this debate, our Vitamix E310 Vs. E320 comparison shows that both the blenders do not have a lot of difference, whether it be the speed controls or the noise level. They both have similar working procedures.

However, from our comparison guide, the Vitamix E320 gives a higher value than the E310. It offers a larger capacity that is great for the whole family. The juices, smoothies, and soup that it makes are done in perfection, and with its greater size, it is convenient when it comes to serving a large number of people than the Vitamix E310.

You cannot go wrong with E320 with the previously mentioned improvements fused to suit quality and amount. Having limited your choices, it is time you buy E320 and make the most of your healthy life to the greatest.

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