Dyson’s luxurious fans are a valuable machine made to be used whole year long under any weather conditions. Certain days it’s hot and cold the next, for such reasons buying a separate heater and a fan adds to the expense and occupies more space.

Dyson’s 2-in-1 heating fans are efficient and powerful. They fulfill their promise of being a powerful fan by increasing or maintaining the surrounding air temperature.

What is so special about the Dyson AM04 and AM09? Read further on this article to know about these two’s unique features, their differences, similarities, and the one who takes the lead.

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Similarities Between Dyson AM04 Vs. AM09

Differences between two models of the same series can be hard to list down. Apart from some internal changes and a few inches difference in physical appearance, these two air multipliers are almost alike.


Dyson AM04 and AM09 both have an aesthetic design, something that Dyson never fails to deliver. Except for the few additional and missing inches in Dyson AM09 height and width, both have similar dimensions.

However, the Dyson AM04 weighs 8.13 lbs, which is a lot more than the Dyson AM09 5.2 lbs device.

Dyson AM04 dimensions (L x W x H): 7.8” x 7.91” x 22.8”
Dyson AM09 dimensions (L x W x H): 8.03” x 6.02” x 23.4”

The only other difference that you will find in the design is the operating buttons. The air multiplier can be controlled directly from the unit in the case of AM04. At the same time, AM09 is limited to be governed by the remote control only.

2-in-1 Fan

Dyson AM04 and AM09 are both powerful dual-function fans. They operate as a heating and cooling fan. The heating in these fans is done efficiently using the ceramic plates. The use of ceramic plates prevents the burning smell that is caused by some heater fans.

The cooling is powerful enough to feel a cold breeze. However, it is essential to remember that the cooling fan circulates the room already present in the room and throws it at a reasonable rate. Cooling as much or somewhat near to what an air conditioner does is a portable air conditioner’s job. It is something purifying fans are not promised to do.

Air Multiplier Technology

The smooth and powerful flow of air without fast-moving blades is the air multiplier technology. With air multiplier technology, the airflow is made more powerful and slippery than those fans with blades to produce air.

Safety Measures

The Dyson AM04 and AM09 are both equipped with child safety features. Firstly, the heating element and the blades are not out in the open; they are hidden, making this fan safe to be around kids or pets. Secondly, the fan has the auto-shutdown mode that turns off the device when tripped over. These features are essential, and if you have pets or kids in your house, you surely understand their significance.

Remote Control

Dyson AM09 can be operated thoroughly with the remote control, whereas AM04 can be controlled through the small and the buttons on the unit. Customers in the past have complained about losing the small-sized remote control. To which the Dyson company came up with the solution. In these fans, the small is magnetic and circular shaped, making it easy to be mounted on top of the device. They are decreasing the chances of remote being misplaced.

Differences Between Dyson AM04 Vs. AM09

Powerful Fan

The Dyson AM09 has an upgraded electrical motor that powers the airflow. With this upgrade in the engine, the air thrown out is more potent than the previous models in the series.

Jet Focus Control

Dyson AM09 has jet focus control. It allows you to direct the airflow in a precise direction over a long-range. It is useful if you want to target the airflow in a specific order in your surroundings.

Diffused Mode

The diffused mode allows the airflow to spread wide and over. Instead of directing the air in a specific direction, it widens the area into which the air will flow. This feature is available in Dyson AM09 but missing in AM04.

Sleep Timer

The smart feature of putting up a sleep timer is missing in the Dyson AM04. It is a tremendous additional upgrade made to the AM09.

Comparing Dyson AM04 Vs. AM09

FeaturesDyson AM04Dyson AM09
Unit TypeDesk UnitTower Unit
Air Multiplier TechnologyYesYes
Jet Focus ControlNoYes
Backward AirflowNoNo
Diffused ModeNoYes
Night ModeNoNo
Sleep TimerNoYes
Smart FeaturesNoNo
Remote ControlYesYes
Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Heater/Table Fan, White

Dyson AM04 Review

Dyson AM04 is an efficient heating and cooling fan with a good looking design, available in the market for $149.99. Let’s talk about some of the essential features and specifications of this air multiplier.

Shape And Design

The Dyson AM04 hot+cool fan heater is oval-shaped, making it convenient by not occupying much space. On the base, in the middle, is the two-digit LCD. On the left side is the power button that shows a blue light ring around it when the cooling fan is functioning and red when operating as a heating fan. On the right are the buttons to control the thermostat and on the far right is where you can toggle on and off the oscillation.

How Does It Work?

The Dyson AM04 is a heating and cooling fan. The air is drawn in through the grills at the bottom, further going to the vents inside the air multiplier. The air thrown out is multiplied and made powerful due to the air multiplier technology.

The heating element in this fan is hidden, making it a safe device. A common problem with the heating element in some heating fans is the burning smell that is produced. That burning smell is caused due to the burning of the dust that settles on the device. As the temperature of the heating element exceeds 752° F, the burning sensation is produced. In the case of this air multiplier, the heating is done by the ceramics, and it does not exceed the temperature of 395° F, preventing the chances of causing that burning smell.

The cooling is carried out by circulating the air already present in the room. When the air is thrown out after being multiplied, a robust and powerful breeze can be felt. Even though these cooling fans are not as efficient as air conditioners, their cooling is still just as much or even more powerful than most commercial fans.

Performance And Specifications

The Dyson AM04 draws in up to 5.29 gallons of air from the surroundings per second with the help of its powerful motor. The air-flown out is powerful and flows smoothly, made better when the oscillation is turned on. The change allows the air to spread out smoothly. The tilting head feature is an excellent addition to these fans. The fan’s top can be tilted up to 10° forward or backward to direct the air into different directions.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.8” x 7.91” x 22.8”
  • Weight: 8.31 lbs.
  • Overall good heating fan.
  • Efficient.
  • The fan can be noisy.
  • Expensive for the features offered.
Dyson (61874-01) Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater White/Silver

Dyson AM09 Review

The Dyson AM09 is a modern and sleek design having the Dyson air multiplier technology. Its costs in the market are around $499.99.

Design And Shape

The Dyson AM09 is the same as the other air multipliers in the series, except that it is much lighter and a bit taller than AM04. It has the same aesthetic looking device, but the operational buttons on the unit in AM04 are removed in this model. At the base is just the power button.

How Does It Work?

This air multiplier pretty much works the same as its predecessor. The heating elements in this device are hidden. Meaning if you touch the device, your hand will not burn even though the heating will be felt. The problem of a burning smell and overheating is solved as heating is carried out by ceramic plates that do not exceed 395° F.

The temperature can be set between 33° F- 99°F. It is allowing you to adjust the temperature as per your need. The cooling fan circulates the air already present around you faster with the help of its powerful electrical motor. The air multiplier technology is mainly to take credit for the calm and assertive breeze that you feel through this air multiplier.

Performance And Specifications

The upgrades made to this model enhance its performance. The jet-focused control allows you to control your airflow and drive the direction of airflow more precisely. Along with that, the diffused mode works to spread the air over a wide range leaving no hot or cold spots in the surrounding place. The sleep timer also adds to the ease of use by allowing you to put a timer.

The feature to oscillate the air is also present in this device. The mood oscillates smoothly while allowing the top of the fan to be tilted forward or backward up to 10°, adding to the air’s better spread.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.03” x 6.02” x 23.4”
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs.
  • Powerful fan.
  • Jet focus control.
  • Diffused mode.
  • Quiet.
  • Expensive.

Dyson AM04 Vs. Dyson AM05 Vs. Dyson AM09

The good, the better, and the best. When you compare different products from the series, it is a basic understanding that the latest device will be more updated and better than the previous one.

All three of these are potent fans that use air multiplier technology. Dyson AM04 leans more towards the primary type of fans, AM05 keeps it balanced with its fast and improved electrical motor, and AM09 brings out better performance by new upgrades.

Choosing the right one between these three depends on your choice and the budget that you have. The price tag gets more significant as the product gets better and improved. Considering these things, the option is yours to make!

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What To Like About Dyson AM04 Fan?

Dyson AM04 is a primary heating and cooling fan, offering all functions necessary to run it all year long. What we like about this air multiplier is its efficiency along with the pleasant-looking device. It is also relatively cheaper than others.

What To Like About Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool Heater Fan?

The Dyson AM09 is powerful and efficient. It has all the basic and advanced features needed to make your house cool or hot as per the needs. What we like about this air multiplier than its jet focus control and diffused mode is its powerful airflow. The improved motor used in this air multiplier makes the airflow more powerful and better.

Dyson AM04 Vs. Dyson AM09: Our Recommendation

Which one is better and which one do we recommend? The simple and straightforward answer is Dyson AM09.

Few things go into consideration before picking the right or better fan. These things include the features, specifications, performance, and price tag. If you are looking for something more affordable, then Dyson AM04 is the obvious choice.

Since you don’t have access to smart features in both of these air multipliers, you can surely stay off a few advanced features. If the jet focus control or the diffused mode do not make much of a difference to you, then you can get yourself a Dyson AM04 and live pretty well off it.

The central feature that you will be missing is the powerful airflow. The improved motor in AM09 enhances the airflow to the point where it significantly differs. Along comes the additional features to control the air; they undoubtedly impact the performance a whole lot.

It is understood, if you are going to look for a better and powerful air multiplier, along with will come the hefty price tags that might be more than you are expecting. But given all features, we believe the Dyson AM09 is worth it and if you can get yourself the AM09.

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Most of Dyson’s heating and cooling fans are powered by the air multiplier technology these days. This technology allows the fans to cool and heat efficiently and make them potent compared to the other competitors on the market.

We discussed Dyson AM04 Vs. AM09 in detail for you to pick the right product for yourself. Dyson AM09 is our personal favorite, but if AM04 suits your requirements better than go for it.

Other powerful purifying Dyson fans are belonging to different series. Most of the devices in the other series also use air multiplier technology. Some of our other favorite Dyson fans are from the TP and HP series.

Find out more about the Dyson TP series and the Dyson HP series.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Energy Efficient Are the Am04 and Am09?

The load on your electric bill mainly depends on how much you use the machine. However, both Dyson AM04 and AM09 are some of the company’s most energy-efficient fans.

Are there any differences between Dyson AM04 and AM09?

The motor is used in Dyson AM09 is more potent than the one in AM04. Dyson AM09 also has jet focus control, diffused mode, and a sleep timer.

Do the Am04 and Am09 Have Remote Controls?

Yes, the Dyson AM04 and AM09 both come along with a remote control that is circular and magnetic and can be placed on top of the device.

Do Dyson AM04 and AM09 have warranties?

Dyson AM04 and AM09 both have a two-year warranty.

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