A leading brand in the coffee world, “Keurig” manufactures two almost identical coffee makers that become the town’s talk and leaves the world in confusion. Keurig K50 vs K55? Which one is the best? What’s the difference?

Don’t worry! We are here to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision to save you money and time.

Single-serve Coffee: What’s the Hype?

The hype around single-serve coffee is based on convenience as they exhibit efficient and user-friendly features. Since its initial release, the single-serve brewing systems have seen exponential gains in market share. According to NCA’s National Coffee Drinking Trends report of 2015, 27% of daily coffee drinkers in the U.S use single-cup brewers, making it the second most common preparation method after a traditional drip coffee maker. And their popularity is still astronomically growing, both in-home and at work.

As single-cup evolves from a sensational trend to a developed market, we’re seeing exciting prospects across the segment for innovation, collaboration, and consumer education to change the conversation around single-serve systems.

Single-serving coffee has revolutionized our lifestyles and customs. It has moved espresso out of its conventional places of consumption, much like the invention of the teabag in the 1970s, which overturned the market and consumption habits for this beverage as the system of single-serve coffee in capsules includes the essential requirements for market success providing substantial advantages such as efficient service, high quality, and reliability.

Brewing only one cup at a time means that you’ll also be using less coffee and wasting less coffee, which will ultimately save you money over full brewing pots. If you are substituting the single cup coffee maker for buying your coffee at a coffee shop each morning, you’ll realize even more savings.

About the Brand: Keurig

Keurig is a household name that has emerged in coffee maker manufacturing, especially in the American market. They offer a wide range of coffee maker since 1990s and has expanded to over 50 best-selling and highly rated products.

One of many reasons for its increasing popularity is its accessories, including carafes, filters, and coffee offered to its consumables to complement their home and office coffee maker.

Among its best coffee brewers, Keurig K50 and K55 are top quality, best-selling products that have satisfied thousands of customers and positive reviews, yet both models with almost the same features that may leave you a bit more confused and questionable. So here we are, answering all your questions and helping you to make the right decision. Equally as popular, Keurig K50 and Keurig K55 battling against each other. So let the battle begins!

Keurig K50 The All Purposed Coffee Maker, Black

Quick Look: the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker

The K50 Coffee Maker brews a perfect coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage under one minute at the touch of a button. With the choice of three cup sizes, the K50 offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs.

Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black (Renewed)

The K55 Coffee Maker brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. With the choice of three cup sizes, the K55 offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs.

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The Showdown: the Keurig K50 Vs K55

Feature:Keurig K50Keurig K55
Weight7.6 pounds12 pounds
Water ReservoirRemovable-48 ouncesRemovable-48 ounces
Brewing Sizes6oz, 8oz, 10oz6oz, 8oz, 10oz
SpeedUnder 1 minuteUnder 1 minute
HeightApproximately 14 inchesApproximately 15 inches
Drip trayRemovableRemovable
DisplayButton controlsButton controls
Programmable auto offAvailableAvailable
Descale optionAvailableAvailable

Installation Process

The first important thing to look at is the installation process. Nowadays, consumers opt for products that are easy to operate since users find it difficult to read the manual or to watch a YouTube video to activate the appliance.
Most Keurig coffee maker like Keurig K50 and K55 allows you to make a fresh cup of coffee in only a few easy steps. Although users don’t like to read the manual after unboxing, it is recommended to take a few minutes to read the use and care guide-Keurig. Since both the coffee maker is from the same manufacturer, their installation process is quite similar.

  • Plug the appliance into a power source
  • Fill in the water reservoir.
  • Allow water to heat.
  • Lift the handle so that the water flow in the brewer
  • Place a cup of your desired size onto the drip tray plate.
  • Press brew, and you are good to go.


Coming up to the appearance of the Keurig K50 vs K55 coffee makers, the coffee design, brewer plays an essential part as it plays a significant role according to the marketing aspects. I agree a few of our consumers might not care about the design, but the coffee lovers do care that they look good as part of the kitchen paraphernalia.

Keurig K50 and K55 are eye-catching, and they blend in well as a part of customer’s interior design yet stands out as people are drawn towards them.

Both Keurig K50 and K55 coffee maker have identical designs. Still, the critical difference between Keurig K50 and K55 is the multicolour availability in Keurig K55 as the latter is available in multiple colours, including black, patriot blue and coconut white. Multicolour availability of Keurig K55 adds a bonus point to those consumers who think standard black wouldn’t look right.


For people who opt for automatic coffee makers like Keurig K50 and K55, speed plays an essential part as both the coffee brewers enable you to make a fresh coffee cup in a minute according to the specification provided.

Keurig claims that both these Keurig K50 and K55 coffee makers can brew a coffee in under 60 seconds. However, Keurig K50 fails to live up to this claim.

Yes, that’s true! When it comes to Keurig K50 vs K55 coffee-making speed, Keurig K55 wins as a clear winner as the coffee docks tested, the older model Keurig K50 needs at least a half minute extra to achieve the same results as Keurig K55.

Custom Brewing Features

Even though these two Keurig coffee makers are entry-level models, it’s still nice to have at least a few customizations options.

Neither coffee maker will make your cappuccinos or lattes at the push of a button, though they do share a couple of things in the joint when it comes to customization.

Firstly, both Keurig coffee makers are compatible with hundreds of K-Cups, offering you a load of variety in terms of coffee and hot beverage flavours.

Plus, these two models also offer to make your beverage in three different brew sizes. The K50, however, offers something that K55 does not.

It’s called the Strong Brew option. With just a push of a button, the coffee maker will make a more robust and bolder cup of coffee than usual. It won’t be as strong as an espresso shot, but you’ll get that extra dose of caffeine when you need it.

Water Filter

When comparing the filters of Keurig K50 and K55, Keurig K50 has simple mesh reusable filters which are not of excellent quality, and you will need to replace them. In contrast, K 55 has activated charcoal filters which create more supreme and smooth coffee.

Cleaning & Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of owning a coffee maker is its maintenance and cleanliness. Keurig K50 and K55 both are easy to clean and maintain. While comparing both of them, K55 wins without a doubt as it has a maintenance reminder. A descale light will come on when it’s time to descale the coffee maker. Descaling is essential because small amounts of calcium in our water eventually cause a mineral build-up inside the coffee maker.


Both the coffee brewers are super user friendly that have a simple button control panel. The latter Keurig K55 model buttons are much smoother to press.

Both the models, Keurig K50and K55, offer a removable 48-ounce water reservoir.

One of the most critical challenges of owning a coffee maker is its maintenance. The K55 has the upper hand here because it has a maintenance reminder as a descaling light will come when it is time to descale the coffee maker.


Keurig K50 and K55 are models that allow pods from whatever brands you prefer, which means you are not restricted to use Keurig pods only.

Keurig K50 and K55 allow you to brew coffee and tea, hot cocoa, and iced beverages, therefore serving every customer’s needs.


Both the Keurig K50 and K55 coffee maker models look identical quickly; however, closer observations differentiate their looks. Keurig K50 is available only in one colour is black, while the K55 coffee maker offers three colours; rhubarb(red), white and black.

They might not be equipped with fancy controls, but they are simple yet impressively designed, and without a doubt, it would be the first thing that anyone will notice in your kitchen.

Keurig K50 is a little heavier, but the dimensions are pretty identical. Medium-sized perfectly fit in your kitchen or your office. They have indicator lights that are meant to help you throughout the process.


Keurig K50 vs K55

Coming up to the brew speed, Keurig classic K55 brews coffee within a minute, whereas K50 fails to do so and takes about an extra 30 seconds.

The older K50 has simple mesh reusable filters that are not of excellent quality and need to be replaced, whereas the Keurig K55 water filter has activated charcoal.

Keurig K50 being a famous coffee maker, turns out that the users experienced a few coffee brewer cases unexpectedly stopping to work after some time.

K55 offers a descaling feature that helps clean the internal parts of the coffee maker machine. It’s an effective method to remove calcium deposits that might build up inside the Keurig K55.

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Keurig K55 Troubleshooting

Coffee might taste metallic due to the build-up of calcium, requiring cleaning the Keurig’s, Water Filter.

If the Keurig is unresponsive to the power button, the power cable might be faulty. Follow the guide provided and replace the power cable.


Comparing the brewing technology used in Keurig K55 and K50, the two machines’ brewing capacity is virtually identical. Both the K50 and K55 come with water reservoirs of 48oz in size. Each of them also comes with three pre-set brewing sizes, i.e. 6, 8, and 8 ounces. The temperature of tea brewed by both machines averages around 89C. Neither machine has temperature control.

Despite the similarities, the K50 and K55 differ in brewing time, water filtration, and actual quality of coffee produced.

In terms of brewing time, the K55 is slightly faster. The coffee produced by the K55 is somewhat smoother and tastier. This is because it employs a charcoal-based water filter. This removes any impurities, ensuring that only the purest water is mixed. However, one advantage of K50 is that it has a healthy brew option for those coffee lovers that enjoy a bold brew; the Strong button increases coffee strength and intensity.

Keurig K50 Review: Key Takeaway

Before concluding our comparison article, I’d like to present the critical aspects of both coffee brewers. It’s vital to fully comprehend the abilities of both to make the right purchase.

Keurig K50 offers excellent features; it’s powerful and flexible.

  • Coffee Brewing Time –the company claims that K50 brews coffee within a minute; however, its brewing time exceeds 30 seconds more.
  • Reliability – While most buyers labelled the coffee maker as reliable, some reported cases when the brewer stopped working after a few weeks of use.
  • Auto-Off Feature – It’s a fantastic feature that automatically deactivates the coffee maker within 90 seconds of inactivity. This leads to saving energy, of course, and the safety levels are much higher.
  • Water filters- Keurig K50 water filter installation is a simple mesh reusable filter of high quality and needs to change.

Taking everything into account, Keurig K50 isn’t exactly a perfect coffee maker, and there are more advanced products on the market that is more reliable, powerful, and capable.


As with the K50, we need to write about the primary features of Keurig K55. It’s the second-generation coffee maker that exceeds its competitor in every aspect.

  • Descaling – Descaling is an addition that makes the whole cleaning process a lot easier. If you feel that the coffee brewer isn’t performing at its peak, try descaling to enhance the performance rate.
  • Reliability – Keurig K55 is a highly reliable coffee brewer. Customers have rated it as a high-quality product.
  • Auto-Off
  • Variety of Colours – This maker coffee maker is available in multiple colours, and if you don’t like the standard black, you can choose one that better fits your taste.
  • K-Cup Pods – The most significant advantage of the K55 model is that it brews all K-Cups’ popular sizes (6, 8, 10 oz).

Keurig K55 is functional, reliable, and durable. It will never fail you and most likely will exceed your expectations.

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Keurig K55vs K50- comparison

Moving towards the end, and hopefully, things might be getting more transparent for you to opt for the right Keurig model and even if not yet listing down the advantages and disadvantages of Keurig K50 and K55.

Keurig K50 The All Purposed Coffee Maker, Black

Keurig K50 Coffee Maker

  • Removable drip tray
  • Variable brew sizes
  • Auto-off feature
  • Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, speciality, and iced beverages
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Takes more than a minute to brew
  • Noisy
  • Performance error as users complain that K50 stopped working
Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black (Renewed)

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

  • Descaling
  • Removable drip tray
  • Brews coffee in under a minute
  • Auto-off feature
  • Indicator lights
  • Variability of colours
  • Activated charcoal filter
  • K-cup compatibility
  • Noisy
  • No strength control

Editor’s Choice

Both coffee makers are favourite products that have high ratings and thousands of positive reviews. I’ve personally tested both brewers and adequately differentiated them, so I would opt for Keurig K55 as it’s reliable, functional, and has a faster brewing speed, which is essential as it saves time.

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The Verdict

Now the battle of Keurig K50 vs K55 comes to an end. While the two models are undeniably quite similar, we think Keurig K55 is a fantastic coffee maker that exceeds its predecessor in every significant aspect. It offers more incredible brewing speed, a variety of colours, reliability, and charcoal activated filters. These features make Keurig K55 functional and robust. It’s a best-selling product that has high ratings and excellent feedback. I hope you make a smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keurig K55 discontinued?

While the K50 and the K55 coexisted for a while after the latter’s release, we must inform you that the K50 is now discontinued while K55 is getting a lot of positive feedback and is becoming a high-selling product.

Which is better, Keurig K50 or K55?

While the two models are undeniably very similar, we think that the K55 is a better choice because it has faster brewing speed, has a handy descaling reminder, a charcoal water filter, and a smoother design.

Is there a difference between Keurig K50and K55?

The K50 is the predecessor to the K55. They both have a very similar look and feel, though there are a few essential modifications. The K55 comes with the descale system built into the machine, has an activated charcoal filter, and comes in three different colors. Keurig customers also report that the K-Cup compatibility on the K55 is much better.

Can I use any pod in Keurig K55?

Keurig K55 coffee maker will brew any K-branded pod. It is also well-suited with a refillable K-Cup for your ground coffee. The most significant advantage of the K55 model is that it brews all K-Cups’ popular sizes (6, 8, 10 oz).

Best Keurig Coffee Maker in 2021

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