Dyson is one of the obvious choices for looking for an air purifier or any other household appliance. The quality provided by the manufacturers in their products in the past few years has made them one of the top choices to consider for any buyer.

Nowadays, where different air purifiers such as water-based air purifiers, ozone air purifiers, and electronic air cleaners are needed, Dyson provides the most up-to-date technology that adds to comfort and convenience in the daily life of people.

In this article, you can read our review about Dyson TP01 vs. TP02. These two are the first two devices in the TP series of Dyson. They are both top quality product and have a lot in common. The first two devices introduced in the TP series are powerful and efficient.

Continue reading this article to read our detailed review about Dyson TP01 and Dyson TP02. Their similarities, the differences between the two products, and everything that’s so special about them.

Differences Between TP01 And TP02

If you are thinking that upon examining the two devices, you will be able to spot the differences, well, that is not the case. Both the air purifiers are alike in physical aspects. They have the same size, shape, and type of model. TP01 and TP02 both have a tower and bladeless model that is easy to maintain in cleaning and safety.

All the upgrades done on TP01 are internal. In terms of being a smart air purifier, TP02 is the preferred choice as it is WIFi enabled, has voice control, and the Dyson link app can make a noticeable difference.

Other basic smart features such as air quality reporting, LCD, and auto mode are not available in Dyson TP01. The oscillation is also better in Dyson pure cool TP02 as it oscillates at 180° while TP01 does that at 70°.

Similarities Between Tp01 And Tp02

Even though features make the two Dyson air purifiers distinctive, there is a lot more common in the two air purifiers. The first fundamental similarity is the basic appearance that we have already talked about. Moving on, both of the air purifiers are cooling fans that purify the air along with it. Both of them lack the heating feature and are multifunctional.

HEPA filter fights and captures all the pollutants in both the air purifier. However, the HEPA filter in Dyson TP02 is better in performance. Both the air purifiers use a layer of an activated carbon filter to eliminate the odors.

The speed setting can be adjusted through 10 levels in both the air purifiers. Air multiplier technology in these two air purifiers provides a powerful airflow that increases the devices’ efficiency.

Dyson TP01 and TP02 both have automatic shut down mode when tripped over, night mode, sleep timer, and are friendly for asthma and allergies.

Dyson TP01 Vs TP02 Features Comparison

To list it down and make it easy for you to know the difference between the two devices we have made a table comparing the two devices by highlighting the important features.

FeaturesDyson TP01Dyson TP02
Hepa FilterYesYes
Activated Carbon FilterYesYes
Sleep TimerYesYes
10 Fan SettingYesYes
Auto ModeNoYes
Asthma and Allergy-friendlyYesYes
Air Quality ReportingNoYes
Lcd DisplayNoYes
Backward AirflowNoNo
Voice ControlNoYes
Dyson AppNoYes
Large RoomsYesYes
Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan, For Large Rooms, Removes Allergens, Pollutants, Dust, Mold, VOCs, White/Silver

Dyson TP01

Dyson TP01 Features

  • Weight: 7.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 4.4” x 7.5” x 40.1”
  • Product type: Purifying fan.
  • Color: silver/white.
  • Air coverage: Large rooms.

Dyson pure cool TP01 is the first in the TP series. It has all the essential features wanted by an air purifier or even more as this air purifier can also cool. This air purifying fan cools the air around while cleaning it. This multi-functionality of Dyson air purifiers makes them so influential over the other contenders.

Dyson TP01 comes with a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, dust mites, and other pollutants that contaminate your indoor air. The second layer of this filter is the activated carbon filter that is the armor against strong and offensive odors such as pet odors, smoke, and other volatile organic compounds, including paint fumes.

The air multiplier technology delivers 77 gallons per second of airflow that is smooth and powerful. The air purifying fan has a 10-speed fan setting with a model that has no blades, which makes it easy to clean and is not harmful. There are additional features such as a sleep timer; auto turns off when tripped over. It also functions quietly, making no to low noise as needed during the nighttime.

Dyson TP01, like other top Dyson products, is asthma and allergy-friendly, making it a better choice for you if you or someone in the house is sensitive to allergies and always needs clean air.

What to Like About Dyson Tp01?

Dyson TP01 is the perfect product for your house if you are not the type of person who needs extravagant technology control over your air purifier. This air purifier offers all the necessary features required to clean your large rooms or any other space you need it in. it is robust, reliable, and even cheaper than the other Dyson air purifiers in this series.

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier, White/Silver

Dyson TP02

Dyson TP02 Features

  • Weight: 7.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.4” x7.5” x 40.1”
  • Product type: Purifying fan.
  • Color: White/silver.
  • Area coverage: Large rooms.

Dyson TP02 is the updated version of its previous model. Dyson brought in some additional smart features with the launch of this air purifier to make clean air indoors more accessible and convenient.

Like most Dyson air purifiers, this air purifier has a HEPA filter that eliminates all sorts of pollutants that make your indoor air unhealthy. May it is the usual dust, pollen, pet dander, or dust mites and allergens, all of these toxins are removed by the efficient HEPA filter. The second layer of this filter is the activated carbon filter that is the primary defense against strong odors. Odors such as kitchen odors, dangerous smoke, and harmful VOC’s are all eliminated with this air purifier.

The fan has 10-speed settings that can be adjusted accordingly. The air purifier makes the lowest to no noise at the lowest setting. The air multiplier technology keeps the maximum airflow powerful and comforting.

The top feature of this air purifier that makes a difference is its ability to automatically sense the air pollutants and work to remove them. The allergens are automatically detected by the air purifier and removed before they can cause and contaminate the air any further.

This air purifier can be connected to the Dyson Link app, which helps operate your air purifier. It helps in keeping track of your indoor air quality through your mobile. It informs you about the air quality and lets you make the required changes to the setting.

Other smart features include voice control, night mode, sleep timer, WIFi, LCD, and air quality report.

What to like about Dyson TP02?

Dyson pure cool TP02 is a smart air purifier to have for your home. When considering making an investment in air purifiers, you can consider spending some extra money to get the smart air purifier that adds comfort to your life. The air purifier is easy to use, operates smoothly, and improves the air quality efficiently.

Its ability to be a complete air purifier and provide all the necessary features makes it a particular device.

Our Recommendation TP01 Or TP02

There are a lot of things that go into consideration when picking the right air purifier to buy, above all the essential features and details that are there to be known about the two products. Since we have listed down all the key points, we hope you can choose the right one for yourself.

But what do we recommend to you? If you are looking for an air purifier to make life a bit easier in the extended run might as well go for Dyson TP02. TP01 is smart, but TP02 r is more elegant. Here are few things about Dyson TP02 that we prefer over its prior model:

  • TP02 has a better oscillation of 350°, whereas TP01 has a change of 70°.
  • TP02 is more suitable for large-sized rooms with better change.
  • The auto mode in TP02 is not available in TP01.
  • There is a real-time air quality report in TP02.
  • The smart features such as the Dyson app or wifi are available in the second model.

Comparing With Other Dyson Air Purifiers

TP02 Vs DP04 Vs BP01

The TP series of the Dyson air purifiers are the tower purifiers. They are shaped and stand tall like a tower. They have no blades, which makes their maintenance more convenient as the cleaning is more comfortable and makes it safer to place this air purifier on the ground around kids or pets.

The DP series are the desk purifier series. These air purifiers clean and work in a small-medium sized room. They are better placed at an elevated position, unlike tower purifiers, which should be placed on the ground.

The BP body purifiers are the personal air purifiers manufactured by Dyson. They are suitable for small, confined spaces to make your breathing space cleaner and healthier instead of cleaning the whole room.


Dyson pure cool DP04 is a smart and useful air purifier. It has a 360° sealed HEPA filter, which is effective against all types of pollutants, and an activated carbon filter that removes the strong odors, including VOCs. It is also equipped with backward airflow that allows the purifier to purify without cooling the air.

The air purifier is efficient and a product of new upgraded technology. It has wifi enabled, the LCD reports the quality of air in real-time, and the auto mode works and adjusts itself smartly according to the surrounding air.


BP01 is a compact and convenient air purifier; if you are looking for one, you can move around from one place to another. The air purifier is more suitable for small spaces than TP02 or DP04, which are made to clean large areas.

The air purifier comes in with all the necessary and smart features. It also has a sealed 360° HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter; however, the oscillation is limited to 70°, which is why it is not preferred in large spaces.

The LCD reports the air quality in this one too, and connecting to Dyson pure link app adds to the convenience of using this machine.

TP01 And TP02

Compared to all the features mentioned above in the other series of Dyson air purifiers, the TP series offers all of it, combined with some additional features like a cherry on top.

The TP series air purifiers are robust and highly useful and can serve as a real investment for your improved lifestyle and health. They are manufactured in large sizes as they are designed to be used in larger rooms where air quality is a big concern.

What Others Have To Say About The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier?

The Dyson company’s products are loved and appreciated among the people, which is one of the reasons it’s hard to take down the Dyson name from the market. The people appreciate the quality and the promise these air purifiers fulfill for the value they come in.

Dyson air purifiers are known to be beasts to people who look to make a real investment to improve their indoor air quality. The features that give an edge to these air purifiers are their ability to work as fans and as a heater; such an offer attracts people to these air purifiers. But what do the people have to say about these air purifiers after they have tested them out?

Most reviews about Dyson TP01 have a 5-star rating, whereas as some of them are rated at 3.8/5 by people for various reasons, the top-rated product you can find among these is the Dyson TP02 or the TP04, which is almost always given a 4.7/5 or a 5/5.

Reviews from amazon about various Dyson air purifiers are as following:

  • “No more allergies.”
  • “Expensive but worth it.”
  • “Dyson is great.”
  • “Greatest air purifier.”

The feedback received over the years regarding the Dyson air purifiers has mostly been positive except for some critical reviews where there are complaints about the packaging or the customer service. Nonetheless, the company works to upgrade their quality of work not to disappoint any customers.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers Comparison in 2021

Final Words

Dyson air purifiers are manufactured with great consideration and effort to provide comfort to people who put in their money in buying a product to update their lifestyles.

When you are comparing models of the same series, you will find a lot of similarities but there is also a lot of difference that tends to make an actual difference in the quality of the product that you are willing to buy.

We have discussed above all the basic and important differences that are there between the Dyson TP01 and TP02. It is now up to you to make the right decision by buying the right Dyson air purifier for your household use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many filters do TP01 and TP02 have?

Dyson TP01 and TP02 both have two filters. A 360° sealed HEPA filter that is paired up with a carbon activated filter and works efficiently to remove pollutants and strong odors.

Does Dyson TP01 and TP02 have warranties?

Dyson has a 2-year warranty for both the air purifiers, including all the external parts to set up and get your air purifier started. For more queries about warranty about other Dyson products, check out their website.

Which Dyson air purifier is better? Dyson TP01 or TP02?
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