People take different measures such as electronic air cleaners or air fresheners nowadays to keep their indoor air clean and fresh. Dyson air purifiers fulfill these promises of making your indoor air clean effectively. They are smart and adapt themselves according to the quality of air around them; it’s almost as if these air purifiers have a brain of their own.

In this article, we will be doing a Dyson TP02 vs TP04 review while highlighting the essential features and specifications that you might want to take into notice. We will also be discussing the HP, DP, and BP Dyson model series.

We have understood by now that whether it be Dyson TP02 or Dyson TP04, both air purifiers are powerful and known in the market for all the right reasons. Read on to find out the feature that you need to look for in TP02 and TP04.

Dyson TP01 vs TP02 vs TP04

Dyson TP01 is the first in the TP series, TP02 is the second, and so on. With each new model in the series, there comes an upgrade to make the old one better and add more additional features.

Dyson TP01 has all the necessary features to clean and purify the surrounding air. It is powerful and efficient. The only thing it lacks is the updated technology that is only the real problem for you if you wish to control your air purifier with your voice from some distance or need real-time air quality reporting.

Dyson TP02 is the same as TP01 except that it lets you control your air purifier through the Dyson pure cool link app, has an auto mode, LCD, and better oscillation. The reason you might think twice before buying this over TP01 is the price tag of this air purifier that makes it more expensive than the previous one in the series.

Dyson TP04 is the more and better version of TP02; it has all those features that you thought were already enough. All those features are paired up with more additional specifications such as the 350° oscillation in this air purifier. It has a much better LCD, backward airflow, and improved air filters that we will be discussing further down the article.

Similarities Between Dyson TP02 And TP04

Dyson TP02 and TP04 are almost the same other than some updates that were made on the different models to make TP04 more upgraded.

  • HEPA filter: high-quality HEPA filter captures all pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.
    Activated Carbon Filter: Helps in removing healthy, harmful, and other types of odors.
  • Purifying fans: Both air purifiers purify and cool the air.
  • Automatic mode: Both air purifiers are equipped with an auto mode which allows the air purifier to detect the pollutants in the air and adjusts itself accordingly to clean the air.
  • Smart features: LCD, voice control, remote control, Dyson pure cool link app, night mode, sleep timer, and Wi-Fi, all these are available in both.

Differences Between TP02 And TP04

The differences between the two air purifiers are not that many or affect the performance, but some things that you will miss out on TP02 are:

  • Oscillation: Dyson TP04 oscillates the air much better than TP02. Instability in TP02 is carried out at 180° whereas in TP04 is 350° which improves the performance a lot more.
  • Backward airflow: backward airflow mode allows the air purify to purify the air without cooling it. Dyson TP02 lacks this valuable feature, whereas TP04 has a backward airflow mode.
  • Improved filter: The Dyson TP04 has an advanced HEPA filter and three times more activated carbon filters. This upgrade gives the edge to TP04 as it is useful in providing cleaner air.
  • LCD: The LCD display in TP04 is much more advanced as it reports the type of pollutants that are present in the surrounding air. It helps in understanding the quality of air around you better.

Design and Size

The changes in the appearance between the two air purifiers cannot be recognized until you have done a proper inspection. The TP04 model is taller and weighs more as compared to TP02. TP04 is more expansive, and the top of the fan, which was previously gray, is made white on this model.

Dyson TP02 are:

  • Weight: 7.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.4” x7.5” x 40.1”
  • Color: Dark gray and light gray.

The Dyson TP02 has a dark gray base and the fan’s top, which is light gray. The model is slim and has less width than the next ones in the series. However, it is almost the same as the Dyson TP01, which has the same weight and dimensions. All the changes that are made are made on TP04.

Dyson TP04:

  • Weight: 10.98 lbs
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.6” x 8.11” x 41.49”
  • Color: Dark gray and white

The changes made in Dyson TP04 are somewhat easier to spot than in other models. The machine is taller and broader. It has used a color combination of dark gray at the base like the previous one, but on top of the fan, it is white instead of gray. This color combination adds to the sleek look of the model.

Additionally, both the cleaners are also available in iron/blue colors.

Comparing Dyson TP02 Vs Dyson TP04

FeaturesDyson TP02Dyson TP04
Hepa FilterYesYes
Activated Carbon FilterYesYes
Asthma and Allergy-friendlyYesYes
Air Purifying FanYesYes
Air Multiplier TechnologyYesYes
Backward Airflow ModeNoYes
Precision Airflow ModeNoYes
Automatic ModeYesYes
Air Quality ReportYesYes
Voice ControlYesYes
Sleep TimerYesYes
Remote ControlYesYes
Dyson AppYesYes
Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier, White/Silver

Dyson TP02 Review

Dyson TP02 Features

  • Weight: 7.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.4” x7.5” x 40.1”
  • Great Performance.
  • Powerful Airflow.
  • Quite Expensive.

Dyson TP02 is a powerful and robust air purifier if you are willing to invest. It is a perfect air purifier to be used in large spaces where the quality of air is a big concern.

The air purifier uses a 360° sealed HEPA filter that captures and eliminates 99.97% pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, etc. The second filter is the activated carbon filter which removes common and strong odors. It is useful against volatile chemical compounds that can be an irritant.

Dyson air purifiers are allergy and asthma friendly, and this one is no different. It automatically adjusts itself according to the surrounding air, which helps in pollutants being eliminated quickly before they can trigger any such allergy.

The air purifier has air multiplier technology that keeps the powerful airflow of air going on in the room. It oscillates smoothly at 180°. Its smart features like the Dyson link app allows you to monitor your air and change the setting just by using the app. Other things come in handy such as the LCD, voice control, sleep timer, and so on.

What to like about Dyson TP02?

It cools and purifies and offers all the necessary basic features that are the most you can need from an air purifier.

Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 - HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan, White/Silver

Dyson TP04 Review


  • Weight: 17.91”
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.6” x 8.11” x 41.49”
  • Real-time Air Quality Reporting.
  • Backward Airflow.
  • Expensive.
  • The Device Is Quite Massive

Dyson pure cool TP04 is what you would call a beast of an air purifier. This one is an effective and powerful air purifier. It cools and purifies efficiently, which immediately makes your air quality better.

It has a 360° sealed HEPA filter just like TP02, but it’s advanced and made better with up to 60% enhancement. The second filter, the activated carbon filter, is also improved as it three times more effective and catches all sorts of odors no matter how strong or how light.

The update in the smart features is where it even gets better. The upgraded LCD informs you about the type of pollutants present in your indoor air. Whether it be dust, pollen, or dust mites, the LCD will report the result to you after the air purifier recognizes the type of pollutant present.

The oscillation in this air purifier is made better as it can oscillate at 350° unline Dyson TP02 which did at 180° or TP01 at 70°. The voice control, the Dyson link app, remote control, sleep timer, auto mode, and night mode are all features that are available for TP04 too.

Another essential thing to bring into notice is the backward airflow feature which allows the air purifier to purify the air without cooling the air. This feature was missing in the previous models, which makes this product more memorable and better.

What to like about Dyson TP04?

One thing that we love about this air purifier is the reporting of the pollutants in the surrounding air and the backward airflow. The air purifier is robust efficient, can cool and purify and that sounds like it could be all that you need.

Which one then..? TP02 or TP04?

Comparing these two is a matter of which one is good and which one is better and that decides upon your needs. Both of these air purifiers are our as well as the market’s top-rated product. But just for the sake of question which one would we recommend TP02 or TP04?

Both of the air purifiers are fancy and stoked with various types of features, and since you are looking for Dyson air purifiers, you are probably looking to invest. If that is the case you can make a hefty investment, then our top pick is the Dyson TP04 because it is a bit more expensive than the TP02 however TP02 offers some great features that can work well for you.

As for TP02, it is a good air purifier for the home if you can get by without having extra- advanced features in the air purifier and need necessary cleaning and cooling.

Final verdict? Grab yourself a Dyson TP04 if you can otherwise TP02 is the next best thing you can get your hands on.

Dyson BP, HP, DP, or Tp series?

Dyson air purifiers have different series of air purifiers. These series are:

TP series

They are the tower air purifiers. Tall and can be massive in size. They are made to be placed on the floor. They are bladeless, which helps in the cleaning and maintenance of these air purifiers.

HP series

They are heating air purifiers. They are just as compact as the desk purifiers but smaller in size compared to them larger compared to the BP series.
DP series
DP air purifiers are desk air purifiers. They are compact, easy to carry around, can be used in small or medium-sized rooms, and are more preferred on the office desk or other positions to work on the small spaces around them. They need to be placed at an elevated position like most other air purifiers.

Dyson DP04

Dyson DP04 is a top-rated machine from the DP series. It is suitable for small-medium size rooms. It is a smart air purifier and is also easy to use. The air purifier uses a HEPA filter and a carbon activated filter like most other Dyson air purifiers. Read more about the Dyson DP04.

BP series

BP series is the body air purifier series. They are personal air purifiers, responsible for working on your personal breathing space instead of cleaning large areas or rooms.

Dyson BP01

The Dyson BP01 is a personal air purifier. Indicated from the name, it is useful for cleaning your breathing space. It is a small and compact yet powerful air purifier that does its job efficiently. It is equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filter and smart features such as the LCD and air quality reporting and the Dyson app. Find more about Dyson BP01.

Best Dyson Air Purifiers Comparison in 2021


If you have read our Dyson TP02 vs TP04 review this far, we hope you can make the right decision and improve your lifestyle by getting an air purifier. If you are still confused about some common questions related to air purifiers, we have answered them for you to check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tp02 and Tp04 Capable of Removing Household Odors?

Yes, both TP02 and TP04 have activated carbon filter that removes odor as potent as volatile organic compounds like paint fumes. Removing household odors is an easy task for these air purifiers and is done successfully.

Are the Filters for Tp02 and Tp04 Washable?

No, the filters are not washable or reusable. They are manufactured for a single-use which can be replaced after 1-2 years of use which can be done according to your benefit.

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