Best Air Purifier for 900 sq. ft. Room

Are you tired of taking in polluted air at home, particularly in your large 900 sq. ft. room? Provided that this is true, you’re in good company. Many of us misjudge the significance of clean air and now is the ideal time to change that. In this article, we’ll explore the best air purifiers to keep your 900 sq. ft. room’s air new and sound. Say goodbye to airborne pollutants and allergies, and say hello to a breath of fresh air. 900 sq. ft. room means a large room. So a purifier with a large coverage area is considered the best one for large rooms. Air purifiers with high CADR ratings and HEPA filters are known as the best purifiers. 

Why Do You Need an Air Purifier for a 900 Sq. Ft Room?

Before we get into the specifics of picking the right air purifier, how about we comprehend the reason why you really want one in any case? Air purifiers are intended to further develop indoor air quality by eliminating airborne particles and impurities. Air purifiers are worked to be involved most of the day to refine any unsafe component in the air inside. In a 900 sq. ft. room, there can be a huge volume of air that should be cleaned, and an air purifier can help in the following ways:

  • Allergen Removal: Air purifiers can remove common allergens like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores, which can trigger allergies.
  • Smoke and Odor Control: If you have smokers in the house or are dealing with unpleasant odors, an air purifier with activated carbon filters can help eliminate smoke particles and odors.
  • Health Benefits: Cleaner air promotes better respiratory health and can reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses.

Top Picks: Best Air Purifiers for 900 Sq. Ft Rooms

Coway Airmega 400(G) Smart 

The Coway Airmega 400(G) Smart Air Purifier is a pinnacle of innovation and design, crafted to provide you with the highest standard of air purification in your living spaces. Designed to cater to large rooms, this smart air purifier delivers exceptional performance, sleek aesthetics, and user-friendly features.

Key Features

Hyper Captive Filtration System:

Coway Airmega 400(G) Smart have a combination of 3 filters. Pre-filter, deodorization filter and true HEPA filter reduces 99.999% of 0.01-micron particles. 

Dual Suction:

The Airmega 400(G) employs dual suction technology, which optimizes the air intake process. It draws air from both sides of the unit, increasing the efficiency of capturing pollutants from all directions and improving overall air circulation.

Smart Control:

Connect your Airmega 400(G) to your home Wi-Fi network and gain control through the Coway IoCare mobile app. Manage fan speeds, set schedules, monitor real-time air quality, and receive filter replacement notifications—all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Max2 Filter Set:

Equipped with a Max2 filter set, this air purifier combines a Green True HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. This strong mix guarantees the removal of normal allergens as well as hurtful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smells.

Air Quality Indicator:

The air quality indicator utilizes shaded LED lights to give constant input on your indoor air quality. Easily identify air quality changes and adjust settings accordingly.

Coverage Area:

Ideal for rooms up to 1,560 square feet, this air purifier provides comprehensive coverage for larger spaces, ensuring that every corner of your room benefits from clean, purified air. 


With the timer feature, you can set your Airmega 400(G) to run for specific durations—1, 4, or 8 hours. This customization allows you to target air purification when it matters most, whether during cooking, sleeping, or when you expect higher levels of airborne pollutants.

Dreo Macro Max S

Dreo Macro Max S Air Purifier, a powerful and compact solution designed to bring you the benefits of fresh and clean air in your home. Whether you’re tackling allergies, pet dander, smoke, or simply seeking to improve your indoor air quality, the Macro Max S is here to deliver.

Key Features

4-in-1 Filtration:

The Macro Max S combines four essential filtration stages in one unit. It starts with a pre-filter for capturing large particles, followed by a True HEPA filter for removing 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. An activated carbon filter then tackles odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while a cold catalyst filter deals with formaldehyde and other harmful gases.

Early Detection Sensor:

The Dreo Macro Max S Air Purifier takes air quality monitoring to the next level with its advanced Early Detection Sensor. The Early Detection Sensor constantly scans the air in your room, assessing it for various pollutants and particles. This incorporates allergens, dust, smoke, pet dander, and unstable natural mixtures (VOCs).

Smart Air Quality Sensor:

This air purifier includes a savvy sensor that continuously screens air quality progressively. The color-coded LED gives instant feedback, so you can access your indoor air quality initially.

Quiet Operation:

The Macro Max S is engineered for quiet operation, with noise levels as low as 24dB in sleep mode. It won’t disrupt your daily activities or your peaceful night’s sleep.

Efficient Energy Use:

With energy-saving in mind, the Macro Max S is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you reduce electricity costs while maintaining clean air.

 Levoit Core 400S 

The Levoit Core 400S is a cutting-edge air purifier that combines style, efficiency, and advanced technology to create a healthier indoor environment. Designed to provide clean and breathable air for spaces up to 900 square feet. This air purifier is an ideal choice for larger rooms, bedrooms, living areas, or commercial places. 

Key Features

True HEPA Filtration:

The Core 400S is outfitted with a True HEPA filter, which can catch 99.97% of airborne particles as little as 0.3 microns. This incorporates normal allergens like dust, pet dander, dust parasites, and, surprisingly, fine particles like smoke and form spores.


3-stage filtration system ensures the highest level of air purification. Each stage is designed to capture and remove different types of airborne particles and contaminants, providing you with clean and fresh indoor air.

Hands-Free Voice Command:

You can take control of your indoor air quality using simple voice commands. Associate your gadget with Amazon Alexa or Google Collaborator for freehand control. This inventive element permits you to associate with your air purifier easily, making it a necessary piece of your brilliant home environment.

Advanced Sensor Technology:

This air purifier includes an underlying air quality sensor that identifies toxins progressively. It automatically adjusts fan speeds to maintain optimal air quality, ensuring you always breathe clean air.

Quiet Operation:

Enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed environment with the Core 400S. It operates quietly even at higher fan speeds, allowing you to sleep, work, or relax without noise disruptions.

Sleek Design:

With its modern and minimalistic design, this air purifier complements any room decor. Its compact size and 360-degree air intake make it easy to place anywhere in your home.


The Core 400S is energy-efficient and ETL certified. It consumes minimal power while delivering maximum air purification, helping you save on energy costs.


Introducing the BISSELL Air180 Air Purifier, a reliable and stylish solution designed to transform your indoor air quality. Created by BISSELL, a trusted name in home cleaning and care products, the Air180 combines innovation, efficiency, and user-friendly features to ensure you breathe cleaner, fresher air every day.

Key Features

3-Stage Filtration:

The Air180 utilizes a three-stage filtration process to capture and eliminate a wide range of airborne particles and pollutants. It begins with a pre-filter to trap larger particles, followed by a True HEPA filter. Which capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns of allergens and pollutants. The final layer is an activated carbon filter, ideal for removing odors and common household smells.

Large Coverage Area:

The Air180 is designed to cover rooms up to 900 square feet, making it ideal for various living spaces, including bedrooms, home offices, and smaller living rooms. With its ability to handle larger room sizes, the Air180 promotes efficient air exchange.

Quiet Operation:

The Air180 operates with minimal noise disruption, allowing you to enjoy clean air without unwanted background noise. It’s perfect for use while sleeping, working, or relaxing.

User-Friendly Controls:

Easily adjust fan speeds, set timers, and access the filter replacement indicator using the intuitive control panel. The easy-to-use design guarantees hassle-free activity.

Filter Replacement Indicator:

The built-in filter replacement indicator assists you with monitoring when is the right time to replace the filters. Regular maintenance ensures the air purifier continues to effectively capture allergens.


Nuwave OxyPure ZERO 

Designed with cutting-edge innovation to your prosperity, the OxyPure ZERO vows to convey perfect, pure air that you can trust for yourself as well as your friends and family.

Key Features

ZeroWaste Technology:

The Nuwave OxyPure ZERO is committed to sustainability with its ZeroWaste technology. This innovative feature ensures that every ounce of air that enters the purifier is treated and cleaned, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Smart Touch Controls:

The intuitive SmartTouch controls on the purifier’s display panel make an operation easy. Adjust settings, set timers, and monitor real-time air quality with ease.

4-Stage Filtration:

Experience comprehensive air purification with a 4-stage filtration process. It includes a washable pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and a UV-C light sanitizer. Together, these stages capture and neutralize a wide range of particles and contaminants, from allergens and dust to bacteria and odors.

Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring:

The OxyPure ZERO features an advanced air quality sensor that constantly monitors your indoor environment. The color-coded LED indicator provides instant feedback on air quality, so you can take action as needed.

Ultra-Quiet Operation:

Enjoy the benefits of cleaner air without the noise. The OxyPure ZERO operates quietly even at higher fan speeds, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere

Bio-Guard Filters:

Bio-Guard filters are a fundamental piece of OxyPure ZERO’s complete 4-stage filtration framework. This innovation is intended to restrain the development of microorganisms, including microbes and shape, on the filter’s surface. Thus, it keeps the filter from turning into a favorable place for hurtful microorganisms.

Clorox Air Purifiers

Introducing Clorox Air Purifiers, your trusted partner in creating a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. With a commitment to delivering quality and innovation, Clorox brings its expertise to the world of air purification, providing you with powerful solutions for better air quality.

Key Features 

True HEPA Filtration:

Clorox Air Purifiers are equipped with True HEPA filters, recognized for their exceptional efficiency in capturing airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns This incorporates dust, dust, pet dander, smoke, and, even microscopic allergens.

Genuine Clorox Filters:

Genuine Clorox Filters, including Genuine HEPA channels, pre-channels, activated carbon filters, and UV-C filters, are crafted to catch a large number of particles, allergens, scents, and microorganisms.

Powerful Coverage:

Accessible in a scope of sizes and models, Clorox Air Purifiers take special care of various room sizes, guaranteeing that each side of your living space benefits from clean and sanitized air.

Multiple Filtration Stages:

Many Clorox models include multiple filtration stages, such as a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and UV-C light. This comprehensive filtration process tackles a wide spectrum of pollutants, odors, and germs.

UV-C Technology:

The built-in UV-C light helps neutralize germs, viruses, and bacteria by disrupting their DNA, providing an added layer of protection for your indoor environment.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:

Clorox understands the importance of peace and quiet. Many of their air purifiers operate with minimal noise levels, ensuring that they won’t disrupt your daily activities or a peaceful night’s sleep.


With regards to choosing the best air purifier for your 900 sq. ft. room, it’s crucial to consider factors, for example, room size, filtration innovation, and energy proficiency. By working out your room’s area, checking CADR ratings, and picking the right kind of air purifier, you can guarantee that you’re breathing cleaner, fresher air.


How Do I Choose an Air Purifier for My Room Size?

Selecting the right air purifier for your 900 sq ft room involves considering several factors. The first and foremost is room size. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose the appropriate air purifier size:

  1. Calculate Your Room’s Area: Measure the length and width of your room and duplicate the two aspects to track down the area.
  2. Check the CADR (Clean Air Conveyance Rate): The CADR rating shows an air purifier’s capacity to clean the air in a particular room size. Look for an air purifier with a CADR rating suitable for a 900 sq ft room. 
  3. Consider ACH (Air Changes Per Hour): ACH tells you how many times the air purifier can clean the room’s air in an hour. For allergy sufferers or those with respiratory issues, aim for 4 ACH or more.
  4. Select the Right Type of Air Purifier: Choose an air purifier that suits your specific needs, whether it’s HEPA filtration for allergen removal or an activated carbon filter for odor control.

Does Sq. Ft Matter for an Air Purifier?

Yes, the square footage of your room matters when selecting an air purifier Assuming you pick an air purifier that is excessively small for your room, it won’t be viable in cleaning the air enough. Then again, in the event that you pick an air purifier intended for bigger spaces, it might utilize more energy than needed and be stronger than required for your room. Along with this factor comes another factor which is “Does it matter where I place my air purifier? Air purifiers are supposed to be in a place where they can easily access the surrounding air. For more information, check out this guide on how you should place your air purifier?

Can a Larger Air Purifier Save Energy? 

While it may seem counterintuitive, using a larger air purifier in a room can actually save energy. Here’s how:

  • Lower Fan Speed: A larger air purifier typically has a more powerful fan. Running it on a lower fan speed can still achieve the same air-cleaning results as a smaller purifier running at a higher speed. This means it consumes less energy.
  • Faster Cleaning: Larger air purifiers can clean the air faster, reducing the time they need to operate. This can result in overall energy savings.
  • Durability: Larger units often have longer lifespans, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated energy costs.

Now that you have a better understanding of room size and air purifier selection let’s explore some top picks for the best air purifiers for 900 sq ft rooms.

Benefits of Using Air Purifiers 

Air purifiers offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Air Quality: Air purifiers remove pollutants and allergens, leading to cleaner, healthier air.
  • Allergy and Asthma Relief: Those with allergies or asthma often experience symptom relief with the use of air purifiers.
  • Odor Removal: Air purifiers with activated carbon filters can eliminate unpleasant odors from cooking, pets, and more.
  • Protection Against Airborne Illnesses: Air purifiers can help reduce the risk of contracting airborne illnesses by removing viruses and bacteria.

For a detailed list of benefits check out our 7 amazing air purifier benefits guide.  

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers are electrical devices designed to improve indoor air quality by removing various contaminants from the air. The fundamental guideline behind their activity includes the utilization of filters and some of time extra advances to catch and kill particles and poisons. To more readily comprehend how air purifiers work, look at our top-to-bottom guide: How Does an Air Purifier Work?

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