The low air quality has led people to head to the market and look for the best air purifier to buy for their house. Air purifiers are useful; there is no doubt about that. But are they worth it? Are air purifiers a waste of money? Yes, they are worth it for a short answer, and no, they are not a waste of money.

There’s been a hike in the purchase of air purifiers. One main factor for that is the increase in acknowledgment of declining air quality. The misleading advertisements have also encouraged people to invest a significant amount of money in an air purifier that was not the best fit for them. We understand the significance of purchasing the right air purifier for yourself; hence we believe in providing you with an unbiased opinion about whether the air purifiers are worth it or not.

Buying the right air purifier is entirely based on your requirements and the quality of your indoor air. Hence, to make the right decision, we recommend you first read more about air purifiers and their benefits.

This article will discuss the features to look for in an air purifier and why air purifiers are worth the money. Let’s get into it!

Types Of Air Purifiers

Picking the right air purifier for yourself depends upon your requirements. There are different types of air purifiers for other purposes. Many air purifiers use different air filter types, which raises the question, are air filters worth it? Yes, they are.

The market standard air purifiers are the ones that use the HEPA filter. HEPA filter captures airborne pollutants up to the size of 0.3 microns. They mostly come in all the air purifiers because it is the necessary primary filter to have clean air.

Other types of air purifiers clean the air by the ionization method or electrostatic principle. Air purifiers also use UV-C light to kill germs and bacterias, and some air purifiers generate small amounts of ozone to purify the air where strong odors are the concern.

What To Look For When Buying An Air Purifier

Air purifiers are meant to make the quality of your indoor air better. It is essential to know your requirements before looking for an air purifier on the market. Many types of air purifiers come with different features. The air purifier that might suit the best for you depends on your indoor air quality and requirements.

Type Of Filter

Different types of air purifiers have different types of filters. The HEPA filter is used in most air purifiers because getting rid of airborne pollutants is a basic need in every house. There are other filters such as activated carbon filter and UC-V light used to remove strong odors and germs and bacterias, respectively.

The filter you need depends on what you need it for. If you need pet dander or strong odors, then the air purifier with a HEPA filter and activated carbon filter will be the best fit for you. And so on.


Air purifiers are mostly recommended to be used among people who suffer from allergies or have breathing problems. If that is the case for you, too, you need to get an air purifier that works efficiently 24/7. Exposure to bad quality air for a short period can trigger some nasty allergic reactions. It is essential to buy an efficient enough air purifier for yourself.

Size Of The Air Purifier

If you need an air purifier for your room, a small portable air purifier can fit your needs. Buying an air purifier that fulfills the requirement of the area it covers is essential. When an air purifier is required for the whole house, you ought to look for an air purifier that can offer much area coverage. Expecting a small air purifier to purify the entire indoor air is asking for too much.

Additional Features

Many air purifiers offer additional features at the same reasonable price. Other features such as smart sensor, easy control panel, and remote control are essential for some people. It is necessary to choose a sleek design and an easy to operate air purifier for yourself.

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Now the biggest question that you need an answer to is air purifiers worth it? Or are air purifiers just a waste of money? Yes, air purifiers do work but expecting them to work the magic that immediately improves your air quality is absurd.

Air purifiers remove the airborne pollutants and excessive odors from the air where they are collected at the filters and later on the filters are washed and cleaned. It is that simple. Air purifiers work efficiently to clean the air around you.

Air purifiers are considered more important when it comes to providing safe air for allergy patients. As for the research, they show that air purifier enhances air quality.

The bottom line is that getting an air purifier for yourself helps improve the indoor air quality, but it is also necessary to take other measures to keep your house clean.

Do Air Purifiers Work For Allergies?

Air purifiers are the best accessory for people who have allergies. Especially for pet owners where pet dander and pet hair can cause allergies. In such cases, air purifiers are needed to reduce the daily headaches and itchy eyes.

Air purifiers also filter out dust, molds, and germs from the air to help against recurring cold and flu viruses. Hence air purifiers provide better air quality with reduced chances of getting allergies.

Benefits Of Using An Air Purifier

Air purifiers improve the quality of the air that you are exposed to daily. Having a healthy and safe breathing space has become a basic life necessity. The air condition around us has worsened over the year, which increases the risk of getting deadly illnesses such as cancer or tuberculosis, etc. Especially, as per the current circumstances of COVID-19, air purifiers are more in demand than ever before.

To understand why an air purifier is so essential and in-demand, we have listed a few benefits that an air purifier offers.

  • Provides healthy and safe breathing air.
  • Reduces allergens.
  • Reduces unhealthy toxins in the air.
  • Reduces the risk of getting illnesses.
  • Protection against cold and flu virus.
  • Eliminates odors.
  • It makes breathing more accessible and comfortable.

These are some of the primary benefits offered by an air purifier. Read in detail about the benefits of air purifiers.

Best Affordable Air Purifier (Editor’s Choice)

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier for Home, 5-in-1

Hathaspace HSP001

This air purifier makes clean and healthy air more accessible with its 5 stage filtration system. The first filter that is the cold-catalyst filter removes large airborne particles. Secondly, the activated carbon filter absorbs strong odors such as smoke and pet odor, etc. Next comes the anti-bacterial filter, which is essential if there are children in the house or the overall exposure to germs and bacterias is the problem. It also uses a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of allergens, pollens, and other pollutants. Lastly comes the ionizer that purifies the air by ionizing the contaminants present in the air.

The air purifier has a smart sensor that adjusts the fan’s speed according to air quality. It is easy to operate with its easy to use control panel. It also has an air indicator to inform you about the air quality in your surroundings.

This Hatha space air purifier is appreciated among the consumers because it is value for money. It is highly efficient and budget-friendly and perfect for medium-sized rooms.


  • 5 Stage Filtration.
  • Removes Airborne Pollutants and Allergens.
  • Effective Against Allergies.
  • Coves Up an Area of About 350. Sq.ft.


We started this article with the question, are air purifiers a waste of money? If you have read until now, we hope you have found the answer to your question. Air purifiers’ features in bringing ease and making the lifestyle healthy make the air purifiers worth it.

There are a lot of air purifiers available on the market that you can buy from. We have described above our best air purifier for the money for you to consider before making the right purchase.

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