Vitamix is one of the leading brands producing premium quality blenders available in the market. Although they might be expensive, the price tags attached to all the Vitamix models are worth every extra buck you pay. Vitamix seems to be focused on advancing its blenders, providing efficiency, convenience, class, and technology that have been the reason behind enormous sales and thousand positive reviews of the consumers. The Vitamix 780 and 750 are top-notch G series blenders of Vitamix similar in many ways and have created confusion among the consumers. Don’t worry! We have got your back. This article will go through the differences between Vitamix 780 and 750 that will help you decide which one is best for you.

Similarities Between Vitamix 750 Vs. 780

Vitamix 750 and 780 have many things in common. Firstly, both are premium blenders of the G series with a 2.2 horsepower motor with ten variable speeds. Both the Vitamix 780 and 750 have voice dampening technology that reduces noise up to 40%. Each of them is durable, which gives a 7-year warranty. Both use 4-inch stainless steel laser-cut blades that can pulverize anything you want into something delicious. Vitamix 750 and 780 offer five preset functions dedicated to smoothies, frozen desserts, soup, puree, and the fantastic self-clean setting that allows convenience for consumers. Both have pulse control, and each model includes a tamper plunger and a cookbook. Both Vitamix 750 and 780 have the same size of 17.5 inches in height and comes with 64ounce low-profile containers that can easily fit in any kitchen cabinet. They both are perfectly designed for a variety of purposes when it comes to versatility.

Comparison Table Vitamix 750 Vs. 780

SpecificationsVitamix 750Vitamix 780
Dimension7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches8.8 x 9 x 17.2 inches
Touch screenNoYes
MaterialMetal and BPA-free plasticBPA-free plastic
ColorBlack, pearl gray, and brushedBlack and red
PriceAffordable than the Vitamix 780expensive than the Vitamix 750
Motor2.2-peak hp2.2-peak hp
Blade4-inch laser-cut stainless steel4-inch laser-cut stainless steel
Container64-oz container64-oz container
Noise level40% less quiet than other standards blenders40% less quiet than other standards blenders
Warranty7 years7 years

Design Differences

Vitamix® introduces the 780 – the sleekest, most streamlined Vitamix machine to date. The Vitamix 780 boasts the advanced, high-performance blending the company is known for, now enhanced with capacitive touchscreen controls. Modern and sophisticated, the machine’s scratch-resistant, hardened-glass touch screen cleans with a single swipe. It is designed with an appealing vertical orientation of rules, engineered for ease of use and walk-away convenience.

The Professional Series 750 offers three colors: Black, Brushed Stainless Metal, and Pearl Gray, which will match any kitchen. This blender has a professional and sleek yet commercial look and design to go along with its reputation.

Blending Containers/jars

These models come with suitable container sizes whose height is 17.25 inches and a weight of 12 pounds. Therefore, they comfortably fit under the kitchen cabinet and top fittings. The BPA-free low profile 64-ounce container is perfect for the entire family without worrying about the storage space. It is less bulky and small enough to fit into most kitchen cabinets.


Both of these models will yield perfect texture and consistency when creating smoothies, juices, soups, ice creams, and nut butter. Both of them have five preset programs that allow walk-away convenience. These professional grades machines will yield flawless results and ensure heavy use (and tough-to-blend ingredients) for many years to come.

Clean Up

Both the Vitamix 750 and Vitamix 780 are easy to clean as there is a preset cleaning button on the blender’s models. This feature is helpful for people who think cleaning a blender is a difficult job. Just fill in the blender with water, add a few drops of the dishwasher, and press the cleaning button. It takes around 30 to 45 seconds to clean the blender. Once the cleaning is done, rinse the blender with water thoroughly.

Warranty & Durability

Vitamix 750 and 780 blenders both come with a warranty of 7 years. Mainly they have used it for more than seven years without any significant issue with the blender. Vitamix assures its customers with durability and proves as a long-term investment.

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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black, Self-Cleaning - 1957

Vitamix 750 Review (Product Summary, Features, Pros& Cons)

The Vitamix professional 750 blenders would be the best investment anyone can ever make in your kitchen. The high-end blender is versatile, powerful, easy to use, and durable. Its innovative functionality, which is one of the company’s bestselling models as thousands of people have become raving fans due to its excellent performance.

Vitamix 750 Features

  • 2.2 horsepower peak motor that spins the blades at 37,000 pm.
  • Laser-cut stainless steel blades break down and prepare whole foods for hot soups, frozen desserts, smoothies, and more.
  • The thermal protection system and radial cooling fan make it last longer. The motor shuts down automatically to prevent overheating.
  • 64 oz BPA-free polyester jar
  • 10-speed variable controls.
  • Five preprogrammed settings allow “walk away” convenience.
  • Start/stop and pulse toggle.
  • You can prepare soups, vegetable juices, smoothies, sauces, ice-based cocktails, nut butter, salad dressings, baby foods, and more.
  • Suitable for chopping, grinding, milling, kneading, and pureeing.
  • Base color options – Black and Brushed Stainless Finish.
  • Recipe book and “getting started” guide.
  • 7-year full warranty.
  • Potent 2.2 horsepower motor
  • Pulse function
  • Five preprogrammed settings for smoothies, purees, frozen desserts, soups, and self-cleaning
  • Super durable
  • 7-year warranty
  • One-touch operation
  • Motor gets hot quickly
  • The plastic container gets cloudy
  • Certain functions don’t work as well if you do not use the tamper to push ingredients down
  • Noisy

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Vitamix 780 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64oz. Low-Profile Container, Black (Renewed)

Vitamix 780 Review (Product Summary, Features, Pros & Cons)

Vitamix 780 is the first Vitamix blender that’s entirely controlled by a touch screen including all preprogrammed settings, variable speed controls, and pulse control are all controlled by touching the glass screen. It’s an innovative technology. A beautiful, modern aesthetic sleek look becomes the champion model in the company’s popular legacy series, which has received excellent reviews worldwide.

You can use the Vitamix 780 manual to see how it works.

Vitamix 780 Features

  • Touchscreen control panel, resistant to cracks and scratches
  • Five preset programs for frequent functions: smoothies, puree, soups, dessert, and self-cleaning.
  • Pulse function for creating chunky recipes.
  • Lid with a removable plug.
  • 2.2 peak horsepower motor.
  • Wide radius stainless steel blade.
  • 64 oz container, BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester.
  • Includes tamper, recipe book, and instructional DVD.
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes seven years warranty
  • 2.2 horsepower motor and robust stainless steel blades.
  • A Next-Generation blender that combines efficiency and sleek design.
  • Easy-to-operate touchscreen controls. The touchscreen function works even if you have oily or wet hands.
  • The touchscreen does not start automatically, even if you have spilled accidentally.
  • Easier to wipe as the surface is flat. There are no switches or knobs.
  • Ten variable speed controls.
  • Five preset programs for hot soups, smoothies, frozen desserts, puree, and self-cleaning.
  • 64 oz low-profile container that goes under kitchen cabinets quickly.
  • This is the quietest blender in the Vitamix Legacy Series. Better insulation has reduced the noise level.
  • Better cooling efficiency. It shuts down automatically if the motor is overheated.
  • 7-year full warranty.
  • Recipe book.
  • Speed controls cannot be stopped between two points like other models with a physical knob.
  • It is costlier than most blenders.

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Ultimate Blender Comparison:

Vitamix 750 Vs. 780Vs 7500 Vs. A3500

All of them are Vitamix most powerful blenders who have received many reviews from consumers worldwide. All the blenders have a 2.2 Hp strong motor that can pulverize anything into your desired consistency. Vitamix 750, Vitamix 780, and Vitamix a5300 have five preset programs that allow walk-away convenience.

However, Vitamix A3500 has some extra value-added features. Vitamix a3500 has a customizable timer system that allows you to set time for different custom recipes. Vitamix a3500 can be controlled from the blending app. You can get 17 more preprogram on the app as it has the wireless connectivity feature that connects with the Vitamix app.
Lastly, Vitamix 750, Vitamix 7500, and Vitamix G series 780 blender come with seven years warranty. In contrast, Vitamix a3500 comes with ten years of proof that reassures more extended durability.

Vitamix Pro 750 VsVitamix 780 Pro Differences

Touch screen and control setting

The main difference between Vitamix pro 780 and Vitamix pro 750 is the touch screen of the Vitamix pro 780 blenders that will activate the blender at one touch. The LED control panel of the Vitamix pro 780 is made up of hardened glass, which allows you to process ingredients with the touch of a finger. Vitamix pro 780 is one of the fancier models of Vitamix that has no dials and switches and comes with LED lights.


Another difference between Vitamix models is their availability in different colors. Usually, Vitamix 750 comes in three colors- black, pearl grey, and brushed. However, on the other hand, Vitamix 780 pro only has two options that are black and red. Vitamix 750 pro offers more variety of colors to choose from.


Both the Vitamix blenders belong to the G series and share many things in common; however, Vitamix 780 price is high than Vitamix 750 professional due to the touch screen interface difference between them.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Vs. 780 Similarities

Blending power

Both the Vitamix 750 and Vitamix 780 blenders have a 2.2 peak hp motor that is very powerful in blending any ingredients to make delicious food.


Vitamix 750 and 780 is designed with a 4-inch laser cut stainless steel blade that is very sharp to pulverize anything into your desired texture.

Noise level

The G series blenders are quieter than other blenders comparatively. Both of them have voice dampening technology that makes the blenders 40% slower.


When it comes to versatility, the Vitamix 750 and 780 are very convenient to use as they have five preset programs.


Vitamix blenders come with a warranty of 7 years, and mainly they can be used longer than that without facing any significant issues.

What I like about the Vitamix 750

Vitamix 750 comes with a 2.2 HP powerful motor with a 4-inch stainless steel blade that can blend almost anything. Vitamix 750 offers versatility. It can be used for blending, chopping, grinding, or crushing. It is equipped with five preset programs that allow walking away convenience to the users.

Vitamix 750 pro is equipped with noise dampening technology that makes the Vitamix blender 40% quieter than other blenders. Vitamix 750 is cheaper than the Vitamix G series 780, so for people on a low budget, Vitamix 750 blender is a great option.

Vitamix 750 blender comes with a 7-year warranty which hence proves that it is an excellent long-term investment. Vitamix 750 pro offers more variety of colors to choose from. Usually, Vitamix 750 comes in three colors- black, pearl grey, and brushed.

What I like about the Vitamix 780

The Vitamix 780 has several features that make it worth considering. The first central part of Vitamix 780 is an easy use touch screen control panel made up of hardened glass, which makes ug resistant to scratched and cracks. The best thing about this technology is that it can be activated by the touch or tap of the hand.

Secondly, the automated five blending presets are designed to offer the user walk-away convenience and consistent quality output. It comes with a BPA-free low profile 64-ounce container that is perfect for the entire family without having to worry about the storage space. It is less bulky and small enough to fit into most kitchen cabinets. It comes with a next-generation 2.2 Hp motor with stainless steel laser-cut blade that allows you to cut through anything.

An extensive feature of radial Cooling fan and thermal protection system will enable you to use the blender for a more extended period without worrying about overheating. The sleek modern look of Vitamix 780 comes with a cookbook included which helps the consumers to make delicious recipes.

Final Thoughts

The final verdict of the Vitamix 750 vs. 780 comparison guide is that both are highly efficient blenders of the Vitamix G series and are great performers in their aspects. However, Vitamix 780 delivers its brand promise to the highest expectations. It is very appealing, user-friendly, and technologically advanced as it has touch screen controls. But it depends on your preferences as Vitamix 780 is expensive. If you are on a low budget and are comfortable working with manual controls, then Vitamix 750 pro is a perfect choice for you.

We have listed down everything to help you make the right decision for yourself. We hope your Vitamix lives upon your expectations.

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More Vitamix Blender

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Vitamix Professional Series 750

You can buy the Vitamix 750 directly from Vitamix through their online store. If you order through that link, you’ll get a FREE shipping credit automatically applied to your purchase when checking out.

In addition to the free shipping promotion, there are a couple other advantages to buying the blender directly through Vitamix. First of all, Vitamix offers you the chance to return the blender within the first 30 days if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Where to Order Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage

You can buy it from Vitamix’s original website or Amazon.

What Is the Main Difference Between the Vitamix 750 and 780?

The main difference between Vitamix 750 and 780 is the touch screen of the Vitamix 780.

What Is the Difference BetweenVitamix Pro 750 Heritage and Pro

It is the New and Upgraded Pro 750 Model Released in 2016.

How Do You Place the Lid on Vitamix 750?

  1. Lock the Lid in Place:
  2. Position lid on the container with lid flaps midway between the spout and the handle.
  3. Push the top onto the container until it locks in place. The cover must always be secured when processing scalding liquids that may scald.
  4. Always check the lid is secured before operating the blender.

What Temper Holder Fits for Vitamix Pro 750?

Classic series tamper holder fits perfectly to all blenders of G series.

Why Vitamix Professional Series 750 Is Better?

It is less expensive than the Vitamix 780 and is available in three different colors.

How to Make Soup WithVitamix 750?

It will be done through blade friction. The settings will make the blade spin at high speed for about 10 minutes. This will surge the conflict, which in turn will heat the soup to a serving temperature.

What Is Different 750 Vs….? 750 Heritage Vitamix?

Vitamix 750 Heritage is the advanced version of Vitamix 750 Pro – they have the same motor power and design. Vitamix 750 Heritage has sound dampening technology, so the blender is 40% less quiet than the 750 Pro when it’s in use. The Heritage Vitamix comes with the getting started DVD that makes the user understand the blender, while the Vitamix 750 Pro doesn’t provide a DVD.

Vitamix 750 Heritage improves the metal housing, also enhances the container seal. Though they have the same container, the Heritage Container Seal is upgraded.

Can I Make Nut Butter With the Vitamix 750?

It is effortless to make nut butter in Vitamix 750 as Vitamix 750 can grind anything into your desired texture. Just add roasted nuts to the blender and keep blending until you get your desired consistency.

Does the Vitamix 780 Come With a Cookbook and Tamper?

Yes, Vitamix 780 comes with a cookbook with various delicious recipes and a tamper.

When Can I Use the Pulse Button?

you can use the pulse button anytime you use the blender

Does the Vitamix 750 and 780 Run at 220v?

No, it is highly advised to run the blender at 110 V.

How Does the 780 Compare to the Ascent A3300 and A3500?

Until Ascent models were released, the 780 was the latest and greatest. From a performance perception, the 780 is built to perform identically to the Ascent models. The look is similar. Open up two tabs and look at the 780 and an A3500 side by side. The only thing the 780 lacks is connecting and interacting with the Perfect Blend app.

Why Is the Base So Heavy?

The unit weighs right around 12 pounds. This is needed to support the torque and spin of the motor and blades. It keeps the steady team while blending, so it doesn’t topple or spill.

Can I Blend Nuts and Dry Goods?

Vitamix sells different wet and dry pitchers for both models in various capacities, 64, 48, and 32 ounces, plus single-serve cups. The container that comes with the unit is a wet container that is made for fruits and vegetables.

I Live in Europe. If I Buy a Vitamix While I Am Vising the States, Will the Warranty Carry Over?

No. the United States blender works on 110 volts. Because the European nations use 220 volts, you will need to use a power converter to use the blender. This will automatically void the warranty, but even so, Vitamix in the US is not authorized to uphold a contract in another country.

Is the Touchscreen Interface More Likely to Need Service?

The 780’s touchscreen is actually well built. And with the .5% chance, there was an issue (99.5% of owners never use the comprehensive warranty to make a claim); it was with the motor, not the touchscreen.

What’s Your Bottom Line Recommendation on the 780? Should I Get That One?

Yes, Vitamix 780 is definitely one of the most powerful blenders of the Vitamix G series, with a touch screen interface that is indeed very user-friendly.

“Why Is My “”Vitamix 780″” Flashing Start-stop Button”

If you see the Pulse, LED 1, and LED 10 blink quickly, the material rests on a touch zone, causing the condition. Power the blender off (On/Off Switch), unplug the blender and clean the fabric off the control panel. After cleaning is complete, plug the blender in and turn the power back on (On/Off Switch) to continue blending.

What Is the VM Number for Vitamix 780?

Vitamix 780 pro has a voice dampening technology that makes the blender 40% quieter than other blenders.

What Is the Smallest Volume I Can Process With Vitamix 780?

The amount of substance should be above the blade to process.

How Many Watts for Vitamix 780

It works on 1380 volts.

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