Dyson’s bladeless and sleek designs have always been enough to catch most customers’ eyes on the market. Dyson has put out some aesthetic looking and innovative techniques in the air multiplier (AM) series, including these two. If you are out on the market looking for Dyson AM05 and Dyson AM09, the design and look probably caught your attention the most.

Dyson AM05 and AM09 are 2-in-1 heating fans. They are powerful air multipliers that do their job effectively and are preferred on the market even though they come along with a hefty price tag like other Dyson fans. But what makes them worth it? How efficient is the heating and cooling in these fans? How do you even know you are buying the right Dyson fan? We are here to answer all your questions.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss all the Dyson AM05 and Dyson AM09 specifications, similarities, differences, and what’s the downside of buying either of these. By the end, after our take on Dyson AM09 vs. Dyson AM05, you will be able to make the right decision by choosing either one.

Similarities Between Dyson AM05 And AM09

The AM05 and AM09 are mostly alike when it comes to physical features and performance except for the few inches difference in the height of AM09 and the three essential updates made on the AM09.


The Dyson AM05 hot+cool and AM09 are both bladeless and have hidden heating element. Hiding the heating element avoids the chances of you getting any burns upon coming in contact with the device. The bladeless fan adds to more safety as there are no fast-spinning blades like some other fans.

Dyson AM05 and AM09 both have the same design except for the few extra inches that make the AM05 wider and the AM09 taller. Another change in the design is the removal of buttons in AM09 on the base of AM05.

AM05 dimensions (L x W x H): 7.9” x 7.91” x 22.8”
AM09 dimensions (L x W x H): 8.03” x 6.02” x 23.4”

Additionally, the Dyson AM05 hot+cool weighs 5.2 lbs, which is the same as AM09.

Air Multiplier Technology

Dyson AM05 and AM09 both use air multiplier technology. The air is drawn in from the base of the air multiplier through the grills with the electrical motor’s help and thrown out smoothly from the top of the fan. The air multiplier technology makes the airflow powerful and smooth.

Cooling And Heating

AM05 and Dyson AM09 hot+cool are both cooling and heating fans. This feature makes these fans valuable for the whole year long as they provide the required cooling and heating according to the season.

You must know the cooling in such fans is just the surrounding air circulated and thrown out at a sufficient rate to make it feel like a cool breeze. The cooling fans do not provide cooling as that of an air conditioner.

However, there are individual cheap portable air conditioners that you can check out if cooling is the real concern.

Child Safety

The Dyson company has taken all the safety measures required with these two products. Firstly, the products have no fast-moving blades, and secondly, the heating equipment is hidden, which makes it safe for children or pets to be around this product. It also has the auto shut down mode; it shuts down automatically when tripped over, which is an important feature considering the running kids and pets.

Read Dyson AM05 reviews and why it is safe for children.

Remote Control

The Dyson AM05 and AM09 both can be operated through the remote control. However, AM05 can also be used from the unit itself, which is not accessible in AM09 since there are no buttons. The only way to work AM09 is through the Dyson AM09 remote.

The remote control makes it easy to operate the device from far. Since losing these small remote control was an issue, Dyson solved it by making them circular and magnetic, allowing them to be placed on top of the circular-shaped air multiplier unit.

Differences Between Dyson AM05 Vs. Dyson AM09

Some features are made as an update to AM09, whereas they are missing in the AM05. These features include advanced airflow modes and a sleep timer.

Jet Focused Mode

The focused jet mode is a smart feature added to the Dyson fan AM09. The jet focus control allows you to control the airflow and flow it in a precise and specific required direction, which improves the purifying fan’s performance.

Diffused Airflow

The diffused airflow allows the air to flow over a wide range making the air accessible over vast spaces. It is a valuable feature in case the airflow needs to be spread out in the entire room.

Sleep Timer

The Dyson AM09 has a sleep timer that has proven to be an essential feature and adds to the ease of operating the air multiplier.

Comparing Dyson AM05 Vs AM09

FeaturesDyson AM04Dyson AM05
Unit TypeDesk UnitTower Unit
Air Multiplier TechnologyYesYes
Backward AirflowNoNo
Jet Focused ControlNoYes
Diffused ModeNoYes
Auto ModeNoNo
Night ModeNoNo
Sleep TimerNoYes
Remote ControlYesYes
Smart FeaturesNoNo
Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, White/Silver

Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Review

Dyson AM05 serves as an ideal dual function fan. It is aesthetic looking, making it an excellent addition to your house. It is a powerful heater and a robust cooling fan.

The main feature to look for is the air multiplier technology. The air is drawn in from the surroundings, after passing through the fan’s internal system, the airflow is multiplied as the air is thrown out from the top of the fan. The air multiplier technology does not use any blades, which makes the airflow smoother and more powerful.

The Dyson AM05 hot+cool has a temperature limit of 33° F- 99° F that can be controlled from the remote control or the thermostat buttons on the base of the air multiplier. This product’s innovative technology displays a blue light around the power button when functioning as a fan and a red light when operating as a heater.

The airflow flows out through the entire room or whatever surrounding the air multiplier is placed in with its oscillation feature. The oscillation spreads out the smooth air throughout. Another element to make the airflow spread far and wide is the 10° tilting of the fan’s top. The fan does so by moving forward or backward from its original position.

The heating is carried out through the ceramic plates that prevent the overheating of the device and the sensation of burning smell that can be felt around some other heating fans.

The cooling feature flows out the breeze by circulating the air that is already present in your surroundings. If you know about cooling fans, you probably do know that they are not meant to cool as well as air conditioners.

Even though the next models in the series are even more expensive, the AM05 Dyson is still expensive given its features, and the noise that it produces can be a downside if you are looking for a quiet heater fan.

Dyson AM05 Features

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.9” x 7.91” x 22.8”
  • Weight: 5.52 lbs.
  • Sleek Design.
  • Efficient Heating and Cooling.
  • Powerful Fan.
  • Expensive.
  • Noisy.
Dyson (61874-01) Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater White/Silve

Dyson AM09 Review

The more advanced and upgraded version is the Dyson AM09. It can be hard to spot or list down the differences at first, but the few critical updates make a difference and impact the air multiplier’s performance.

The heating and cooling are just the same as the previous models. The temperature limit is the same 33° F- 99° F; however, this air purifier has better airflow modes that make the heating or cooling better and more accessible with the jet focus control and diffused mode.

The jet focus control brings out the precision in the airflow. It allows you to direct the airflow in a particular area or direction instead of flowing into the entire room. It is useful for long-range and precise airflow.

With diffused mode, you can spread out the airflow over vast areas in your surrounding places. Hot and cold spots are easy to deal with this feature because the widespread air leaves no regions in the surroundings.

The oscillation in Dyson AM09 hot & cool fan is smooth and an essential feature of this machine. The device’s top part can be tilted forward or backward up to 10°, allowing the air multiplier to have better oscillation.

In the previous model AM05, some features could be operated manually from the unit’s buttons, which is not the case for this model. The only way to work Dyson AM09 is through remote control. Worry not; you won’t be spending most of your time looking for the small remote. The remote control can be fixed on top of the device with its magnetic body.

Just as the sleep timer is a remarkable addition, another catchy feature is this device’s low noise level. It received a quiet mark accreditation. It functions quietly, making it a suitable addition to your lifestyle.

Lastly, the only downside to getting this air multiplier is probably the hefty price of $449.99 that you will have to pay for it—but thinking of it as an investment? It is worth $$$.

Dyson AM04 Vs. Dyson AM05 Vs. Dyson AM09

These three are some of the powerful heating fans manufactured by the Dyson company. The latest one is better than the one before in the series. Better the features, the greater the price.

The key features that we like about each of these air multipliers:

Dyson AM04

Dyson AM04 Features

  • Powerful heating fan.
  • Efficient cooling fan.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Aesthetic looking model.
  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • Comparatively cheap than others.

Dyson AM05

Dyson AM05 Features

  • Powerful electrical motor.
  • Better airflow.
  • Efficient in heating and cooling.
  • An ideal addition for small-medium-sized rooms.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Child safety.

Please read our detailed review of Dyson AM04 vs. Dyson AM05

Dyson AM09

Dyson AM09 Features

  • Much more powerful and efficient.
  • Enhanced airflow.
  • Improved electrical motor.
  • Jet focus control.
  • Diffused mode.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Useful for large-sized rooms.

These three fans have a lot of similarities in terms of their performance. They are all top-rated fans for small-medium-sized rooms. However, what you love about each product depends on what suit best in your surroundings. After considering your features and budget, you definitely can make the right decision to make a purchase.

Our Recommendation: Dyson AM05 Vs. Dyson AM09?

The Dyson AM09 is the upgraded version of AM05, so there will be some features that you will miss in the earlier model. The upgrades made on AM09 are the better airflow mode that enables the air to be spread out over long and wide ranges.

With these upgrades in the Dyson AM09, the airflow in AM05 Dyson can feel limited and less powerful. The airflow in AM09 is quicker and powerful. Even though the manufacturers do not mention the electrical motor’s updates (if any) in AM09, we assume the engine has an update that makes the airflow in Dyson AM09 more powerful.

Jet focused control and diffused gives you control over the way you want your fan to project the air. Besides the air intake, the way you can control and adjust the mode in which the air is thrown out is also one of our favorite features in this fan. It allows your lover to flow out the air smoothly over long and wide ranges except for directing the flow in the same place all the time.

The last thing that comes down between these two is the price difference. Dyson AM05 is available in the market for $400, which is relatively less and much affordable than Dyson AM09 available in the market in 2021 for $520.00. The updates made to bring in the advanced airflow modes in AM09 Dyson cause the hike in the price.

However, if the price is the issue for you, we suggest you go with the Dyson AM05 as it is one of the best out there, but if you can afford the Dyson AM09, then it is indeed worth it.

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Final thoughts

Dyson fans are innovative, and with each new one comes an update that makes it better than the one before. The same is the case for Dyson AM05 vs. AM09. The recent upgrades that we discussed above give AM09 an edge over AM05.

There is no difference between the two fans except for some airflow modes, improved electrical motor, and the sleep timer. Both AM05 and AM09 are our personal favorites with all their great and powerful features. We hope after all consideration you can pick the right product for yourself.

There are other series in Dyson, each to offer something different and unique. You wish to check reviews about other Dyson series, our articles Dyson TP01 vs. TP02 and HP02 vs. HP04 might interest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Loud Is Dyson AM09?

The Dyson AM09 got a quiet mark accreditation by the noise abatement society. Therefore, it is a quiet fan.

How Much Electricity Does a Dyson AM09 Use?

Dyson AM09 is a heating fan; hence it can consume up to 1500-2000 watts when operating as a heater. That is what most other heating fans consume.

Is the Dyson AM09 Energy-Efficient?

Both Dyson AM09 and AM05 are energy-efficient heating and cooling fans.

Does the Dyson AM05 and AM09 have an auto mode?

Dyson AM05 and AM09 are not equipped with auto mode. The two fans are to be operated entirely manually.

How Tall Are the AM05 and AM09?

Dyson AM05 and AM09 are tower purifiers with a height of 22.8 and 23.4 inches, respectively.

Are the Remote Controls Infrared?

Yes, the Dyson remote controls are infrared, circular, and magnetic.

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