Where should I place my air purifier? Air purifiers are supposed to be placed in a location where they can easily access the surrounding air. Putting it behind furniture, thinking that it will ruin your room’s look is not the right way to deal with it.

The ideal place for an air purifier or an electronic air cleaner is where the flow of unclean air maximum. The more flow of dirty air flowing into the air purifier, the more, the cleaner air will be thrown out of it. If there is a particular corner or a place in your house where mold is more than usual or the dust collects in abundance, then it is recommended to place your air purifier in such a place. Keeping the air purifier near the source that contaminates the air helps stop the spread of dust particles and other toxins.

What Is The Best Location To Place An Air Purifier?

The best location to place an air purifier depends on the site where you need it the most. It could be near a particular wall or window. Keeping the air purifier in the right position is the first important thing to do after buying an air purifier. If the air purifier is placed in a situation where it has low airflow, or there is some furniture or any object its airflow, then it’s pretty much deemed useless.

Place It Above The Ground

Another essential thing to remember is to position your air purifier at an elevated position. Each air purifier has a different shape and design and another direction of airflow. Knowing the direction of airflow of your air purifier is essential. Keeping the air purifier above the ground allows the air to flow in all surrounding directions.

Allow It Maximum Airflow

If you have bought yourself one air purifier to keep the air in your house healthy, you would prefer to place it in a position where the clean air is accessible around the whole house. Having a portable air purifier is useful when you have to go from one room to another often. Still, in the case of using a cleaner that is not much easy to carry around, it is advised to place it in the center, hallway, or a place in the house where the airflow of most rooms is accessible.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier In The Bedroom?

It is essential to put your air purifier in such a place where the nightlight or the fan noise won’t keep you up at night time. The preferable position will be a table a few feet above the ground or a bedside table if you have a quiet functioning air purifier.

Which One Is The Right Air Purifier For Me?

As you have read this far into the article and have developed a basic understanding of where to place your air purifier, it is now time to talk about the right air purifier for you.

Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier, Extra-Large Room, Black

This air purifier is the perfect fit for large-sized rooms. It cleans up to an area of 465 sq ft. Its pre-filter captures large pollutants, and the HEPA filter, which has three cleaning levels along with a turbo clean, removes up to 99.97% of the contaminants. It removes airborne pollutants, dust, molds, and other toxins. One of the doctors recommended air purifiers because it is efficient against common viruses, bacteria, and germs.

It is a user-friendly device with easy to use controls and settings. It is a powerful device that works efficiently to improve indoor air quality. It covers rooms as large as 456 sq ft. its control paneer dimmer and quiet operation makes it a suitable air purifier to have in your room even at night time.

If you are looking to make the right long-term investment, then this product is the right one to start with. It is known for its durability even after years of use.


Finding the right position for your air purifier can be a tricky task and can get you worked up just after you have gotten yourself the new device. We have discussed above the essential things for you to remember when confronted with “where should I place my air purifier?”

Furthermore, setting up the air purifier in the right location is not an impossible task; it just needs just some thinking and consideration that you will have to put into this work.

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