There are several things that you can include in your meals to make them more refreshing and healthy. And some of those things that you can try making in your kitchen have several kinds of milkshakes, smoothies, salads, sauces, soups, salad dressing, pudding, peanut butter, butter, sorbet, hummus, and many other food items.

However, if you wish to add the concept of delicious to healthy, you need to get a blender. A good blender can help you in preparing several dishes with an increased amount of ease. And a blender can further make several things taste more smooth and delicious.

Several blenders are available in the market currently from which you can choose. But it is safe to say that none of those various kinds of blenders can even hold a torch to the stainless steel Vitamix blenders. And today, we will be comparing two of the best Vitamix blenders. And those two best blenders are the Vitamix 6500 vs. 5300.

Similarities between Vitamix 5300 and 6500


While the Vitamix 6500 is a more remarkable blender than its ancestor, 6300, it produces a similar measure of intensity as the Vitamix5300. The two blenders will give a pinnacle intensity of 2.2 torque which implies both can smash hard items easily and quicker than many low force models. Be that as it may, the two blenders don’t have the excellent engine packaging that you jump on another top-of-the-line blender. Thus the effective yield implies that both will be very loud.


The pitchers on the 5300 and 6500 are intended to compensate for the weaknesses of different past Vitamix models, for example, the 5200, which had a pitcher that was too tall to even think about storing serenely under a bureau. These blenders will accompany a shorter and low-profile 64-ounce pitcher that will make your blender too simple to store when not being used as it can fit effectively under any standard size kitchen cupboard. Likewise, remember that like with most other Vitamix blenders, you can, in any case, get littler pitchers that will fit the two models on the off chance that you, despite everything, find what you get more extensive than what you need.

String Length

No one needs to wind up with a blender with a short line, as it is highly prohibitive because you can utilize it near the electrical plug. With both the Vitamix 5300 and 6500, this will barely be a worry as both accompany a 6-foot long rope which for a blender is adequate and will make things a lot simpler for you as you can utilize it from any place in the kitchen quietly.


Given that everything from the size of the engine to the pitcher is the equivalent, it ought to likewise be clear that these blenders weigh around a similar weight. Both are around 11.95 pounds, and keeping in mind that they usually are heavier than standard blenders, the couple of additional pounds are a decent sign of value. In any case, at a little under 12 pounds, they are still profoundly compact and straightforward to deal with for most clients.

Simplicity of Cleaning

The Vitamix 6500 self-cleaning and Vitamix 5300 self-cleaning are not dishwasher safe, but instead, cleaning them will, in any case, not require a tremendous amount of effort. You will include some water and dish cleanser in the pitcher and run it in the low-speed setting. This should take a couple of moments, and even better, both have a broad enough pitcher base to permit you to clean them effectively by hand.

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Differences between Vitamix 5300 and 6500

Both Vitamix 6500 and Vitamix 5300 are powerful blenders, but they have different prices. When it comes to Vitamix 5300, there’s less blending at one time because of a Low Profile 64-ounce container.

And Vitamix 6500 can blend more ingredients at one time due to the high profile 64 oz. Container. The thing is, they are pretty similar. What makes them different is the pre-programmed settings on the Vitamix 6500 and the shape of the 64-ounce container.

The Motor Base

The motor base of both Vitamix 6500 and Vitamix 5300 is highly similar. The main difference is the Pre-programmed settings on Vitamix 6500.
Smoothies, soup, and frozen desserts are the three Pre-programmed settings that Vitamix 6500 has. Once you select an option, you have a walk-away convenience. Another thing to mention, Vitamix 6500 is more automatic with these settings compared to Vitamix 5300. It all comes down to your taste.


Both are equipped with a 64-ounce container. The size of this container is pretty adequate; you can make use of this space ranging from blending small batches to medium and larger ones of juices, etc. The thing that separates the two is the low-profile container thatVitamix5300 has. It merely means the container is narrower at the base. It’s a tighter space in comparison to Vitamix 6500. This means that while Vitamix 5300 lacks in processing food with more energy, it can blend fewer ingredients at one time. If money’s not the issue, the best choice is Vitamix 6500. But, if that’s not the case, Vitamix 5300 is a decent substitute

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Black

Vitamix 5300 Review

Powerful Motor

The 2.2 HP motor (120 V, 11.5 Amps, 50/60 Hz) is plenty of power and can do any blending task. It offers essentially the same performance as the powerful G series blenders. The 5300 is designed on the classic C series base, so it does not have the same internal design as the G series blenders. The G series blenders have a redesigned cooling system to reduce overheating and longer blending times.

Higher Noise

Despite having similar motor speed, the Vitamix 5300 series is louder than next-generation G series blenders because the G series has a better noise dampening design. Vitamix claims that the G series is up to 40% quieter than the C series blenders.

Simple Controls

The controls on the 5300 are user-friendly and straightforward. It doesn’t have any electronic controls or LED screens that can break. It offers Vitamix’s popular ten-speed variable control with a wide range of actual speeds. The 5300 has a helpful pulse switch that works at any rate than the C series 5200 that only has an on/off lever instead of a pulse lever. It also has a start/stop switch and a master on/off the power switch in front.

New Tamper

It comes with the new low-profile Vitamix tamper, which is a different design from the classic tamper. The tamper that comes with the 5300 will work with the low-profile 64oz and 40oz containers only. It helps with the wide jar as there is more room for ingredients to push out to the side. The tamper integrates with the removable lid cap.


It blends very well with the power of the 2.2 HP motor. The low-profile container is excellent for thick recipes and food prep where you have chunky ingredients.
Simple to use controls with an adjustable speed pulse lever and ever-popular ten-speed control dial. The 5300 offers similar performance to consumer Reports top high-performance blender pick Vitamix 750. The 5300 has been a top seller at VitamixCostco for years.


While the 5300 has a more powerful motor versus C-series models, it doesn’t have the other design features of the G-series blenders, such as noise dampening and a new air cooling design for longer blend times.


For the Vitamix 5300 blender, there several Vitamix 5300 accessories that make it even more functional and versatile. Depending on your blending needs, these accessories may be well worth the extra cost.


  • Dry Blades (Dry Grains Container)
  • Air Disc Container
  • Various Container Sizes
  • Personal Cup Connectors
  • Tampers
  • Tamper Holder
  • Blender Smart Scale

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Vitamix High Performance Blender C Series 6500

Vitamix 6500 Review

When it comes to the Vitamix 6500 blender, variable speed control helps you in getting precise results. The pulse functionality helps make your drink of choice finer and smoother.
The BPA-free plastic ensures your health is risk-free. Not to forget the 7-year warranty that’s your safety net. There are ten manual speed dials. You can keep the control at your hand with this blender’s feature pulse functionality. It is one of the best blenders out there for smoothies. There are so many unique features of Vitamix 6500 platinum that make up for the price.

Tamper Stick

I don’t have five extra minutes to spare to cut fruits and vegetables. The Vitamix blender is so influential; it requires no liquid added. Vitamix C series 6500 turns fruits into juice, apples into applesauce, even peanuts into peanut butter, all without adding liquid.

Laser-Cut Blade

The blander comes with laser-cut stainless steel cutting blades, which will provide you with consistent and fast blending. It will pulverize all ingredients without exception.

Radial Cooling Fan

This feature is of great use when you need to blend for a long time. The higher you run it, the more cooling is being provided through the bottom.No no need for running this blender at a low speed when you use it for an extended period.

  • Quieter than 5300
  • Three Presets
  • Variable Speed Options
  • Very Powerful
  • More Expensive than 5300

Comparison Chart of Vitamix 5300 vs.Vitamix 6500

FeaturesVitamix 6500Vitamix 5300
The Horsepower2.2 HP2.2 HP
Jar Styles64 oz. (low profile)64 oz. (low profile)
Presence of Pulse FeatureYesYes
The ControlsPresence of a speed knob controller that comes with the additional 3 pre-programmed settingsPresence of a variable speed knob controller only
Available Color OptionsAvailable in Platinum, Black, White, and RedAvailable in Red and Black
The Standard Warranty7 years7 years
Cord Lengths6 ft.6 ft.
The Weight11.95 lbs.11.95 lbs.
Respective PricingComparatively PriceyComparatively Cheaper

Comparison between Vitamix5300 vs. OtherBlenders

Vitamix 5300 vs. 7500

For a little more money, the G series 7500 is a good alternative and is probably the most popular Vitamix legacy model. The 7500 offers similar performance and functionality as the 5300, but the 7500 is as much as 40% quieter as it is built on the upgraded G-series base. If noise is a concern, then go with the 7500.

Vitamix 5300 vs. 5200

Both are part of the classic C series product line and are built on the traditional C series base. The 5200 is the original design and has been a top seller for many years because of its versatility. The 5300’s motor has a slight upgrade in horsepower to 2.2 HP versus the 5200’s 2 HP. The slight increase in horsepower allows the 5300 to properly run the low-profile container, which uses a longer blending blade. The 5200 does not have a dedicated pulse switch for controls, so you have to use the on/off lever. Whereas the 5300 has a pulse lever that works at any speed you set the speed dial to. Instead of a pulse lever on the 5200, there is a lever for high/variable, so to replicate “high speed” on the 5300, you would turn the Variable speed dial to 10.

The 5200 is 20.25 inches tall with the tall 64 containers, versus the 5300 is 17.25 inches tall with the low profile 64-ounce container. (The 5300 with container on top will fit under a kitchen cabinet). While the 5300 has a slight increase in power, the blending results are similar between the two models. The 5300 is slightly louder than the Vitamix 5200. Some people prefer the tall classic container because it works with small batches and creates a vortex easily for consistent blending, whereas some people prefer the low profile wide container.

Vitamix 5300 vs. 6500

The Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 6500 are essentially the same blenders with a 2.2 HP motor and the same low-profile 64oz container.
The only difference is that the 6500 includes three pre-programmed blending programs (smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups).

Vitamix 5300 vs. 6300

The 6300 is essentially the Vitamix 5200 with preset blending programs. Both are part of the C series product line. The 6300 has the classic 2 HP motor versus the 5300’s 2.2 HP motor. The 6300 comes with the tall container versus the 5300’s low-profile wide container. The 6300(same as the 500 Pro) is fine if you want the classic tall container with preset blending functions. Otherwise, if you wish to the low-profile container, then go with the 5300.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Ascent

The Ascent product line is Vitamix’s newest line and features newly designed containers and technology. It also has a more extended warranty(10 years) and the latest design. The Ascent a2300 is the most basic Ascent model and probably the closest Ascent model to the 5300 regarding controls and features. The ascent blender line uses the new bright jar wireless self-detect technology, so they are not interchangeable with legacy Vitamix containers.

Both models come with a broad base of 64 oz. Container, so neither is very good at blending small batches. You would need to buy an additional small container for small batches. For power, both the 5300 and a2300 have a 2.2 horsepower motor and provide similar blending performance.

Besides the price difference, the decision comes down to the latest technology and new blender jars of the Ascent or the classic 5300 design that uses the legacy jars. A new 5300 is cheaper for pricing than an A2300 on Amazon but more expensive than an A2300 on Vitamix’s website. There are no factory-reconditioned Ascent blenders available, so the 5300 refurbished is the lowest price if a new blender is beyond your budget.

Vitamix 5300 vs. e320

The Vitamix 5300 and Explorian e320 are essentially the same blenders with the same seven-year warranty. Costco sold the 5300 for years but now sells the E320 as a replacement for the 5300. The E320 and 5300 both have a 2.2 HP motor and the same 64oz low-profile container. Both also come with the same seven-year warranty. Despite the E320 just being introduced in late 2017, it is not built on the Next Generation blender base and therefore is almost the same as the 5300 in terms of performance, features, and noise. While the E320 motor base does have an updated look, the 5300 feels a little sturdier built. Overall, the 5300 and e320 provide similar performance, so go with whatever offers the best price.

Vitamix 5300 vs. 750

The 5300 and 750 both use the same low profile 64oz jar and have similar 2.2 HP motors. While they offer identical horsepower, the 750 is slightly stronger. The main difference is that the 750 is built on the G series base, which is quieter and provides newer interior features such as a new cooling system. Also, the 750 has five popular preset blending programs in addition to the variable speed dial.

Vitamix5300 vs. 780

The 780 is the top-of-the-line model in the next generation G series. It has digital rigid pad controls and preset blending programs. The 780 is just a high-tech version of the Vitamix 750. The 780 is quieter with a sleeker design compared to the 5300. The blending results are similar between the two models, but the 780 is more expensive.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Ninja Blenders

Ninja has many different blender models, and the latest competing model to Vitamix is the Ninja Chef blender. The Ninja Chef is less potent at 1500 watts but offers a range of preset controls and a similar tamper to the Vitamix 5300. The Ninja comes with a 72 oz. Pitcher. You will notice that Ninja blenders are not built to the quality levels of a Vitamix and therefore probably won’t last as long for frequent users. The Ninja does offer excellent features for the price and is worth considering if you are on a strict budget, but you might be better off paying a little more for a reconditioned Vitamix. Also, Ninja comes with a one-year warranty versus Vitamix’s five-year or seven-year contract.

Vitamix 5300 vs. Blendtec

Blendtec is an excellent brand and known for being able to blend perfect smoothies. There are multiple Blendtec brands, but the designer series is an excellent comparison to the Vitamix 5300. Both blenders have similar performance. The Blendtec has a powerful motor with digital controls. The Blendtec doesn’t have a tamper which can be an issue for thick recipes where you need to move the ingredients around. We like Blendtec but have a slight preference for Vitamix due to the better range of low speeds, simple controls, and performance with food prep/thick recipes.

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Certified Reconditioned Vitamix Blender

When you buy something labeled certified refurbished or certified reconditioned from Vitamix, which means it’s as good as new. It could be something as small as a customer purchased it then and returned it for one reason or another, usually because they changed their mind about the product.

Vitamix certified reconditioned 5300 blenders themselves “refurbish” it to their high standards, and Amazon resells it. It’s not like they can’t guarantee the quality anymore because it’s second-hand. Quite the opposite, they still ensure a very high level of quality and provide a 5-yr full warranty (7-yr warranty for a new model)

More Vitamix Blender

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your blending needs?

Before you look for the perfect Vitamix blender for you, you need to be aware of what kind of food items you plan on regularly preparing with the help of your Vitamix blender.

Does the Hot Soup set heat soup?

Well, it sure doesn’t plant trees. Yes, the hot soup setting will heat your soup. There are two issues with this as I see it. First, the soup won’t be so hot you have to blow it before you eat it. It eventually will be that hot if you let the blender go long enough, but at that point, it is just more energy efficient to turn on your stove. The images online of steam pouring out of the pitcher are a bit exaggerated. However, it will be warm enough to enjoy. Second, these two models do not offer the noise lessening of the G-Series, so that you will be running a loud blender for about ten straight minutes. This cannot be very pleasant.

Are these pitchers BPA-free?

Yes, the pitchers are BPA-free. They are also shatterproof and will last you a very long time.

How do I clean these pitchers and lids?

There are two methods of cleaning, and both are highly recommended. For the Vitamixprice, you’re getting a blender that will probably enjoy a lifespan that goes well beyond that of average blenders.

Can this be used as a juicer?

Technically, blenders and juicers are two different things. However, the result will be very similar.

What are the color options?

You can get the 5300 in stainless steel or black.

How loud are they?

Blenders are generally noisy, and that’s a fact of life. And considering the motors on these units are high powered, they tend to get loud when in operation. However, while both can produce the same amount of power, the Vitamix 6500 is quieter than its rival. This is because the 6500 comes with suspending housing, which, according to the manufacturer, helps to lessen the noise outputs much as 40% less than the older Vitamix models. Nonetheless, despite this, both models have a noise output of upward of 80 decibels, and it would be safe to say they’re noisy.

How easy are they to clean?

Both the 5300 and 6500 are self-cleaning.

Choosing between Vitamix 5300 vs. Vitamix 5400

After considering all the major points that we have discussed in our debate on the Vitamix 5300 vs. 6500 blenders, it can be safely said that both of these blenders are some of the best that we have in the Vitamix range of blenders.

Some features are additionally present in the Vitamix 6500 blender in comparison to the Vitamix 5300 blender. But there is also a price feature to consider. Hence, it would help if you looked minutely at all your blending needs and then pick the best possible Vitamix blender for you. Your choice between Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix6500 should not give you a lot of trouble because you can be sure that regardless of what you pick, you will end up with a top-notch quality blender from a highly reputable brand.

However, the decision should primarily be based on your personal preferences and budget because the two differ in very few aspects.
All in all, the ease of use, functionality, specifications, warranty, and features are almost identical in both the Vitamix C series 5300and the Vitamix C series 6500. As seen in the table above, making these blenders remarkably similar, and if not, the same.

Ultimately, if you look for the objectively better blender and the price is a non-issue, go for the Vitamix 6500. It has three pre-programmed features for ease of use and walks away convenience (smoothie, frozen dessert, and soup).

A high profile 64-ounce container can fit a more significant amount of ingredients at the base of the container for blending.
However, if you feel that the price difference cannot be justified for such minor upgrades, then the Vitamix 5300 is the way to go.

What Users Say?

Both blenders have been very well received by the Vitamix 5300 review who uses them. Owners of the Vitamix 6500 review enjoy the presets that come with the unit. People appreciate that they can push a button and forget about their blender as it makes soup.

People are also happy with the new motor housing on the 6500. In addition to keeping the unit cool, we’ve also heard that people are genuinely impressed with how quiet it runs. Users are also happy with the performance of the Vitamix5300 Costco.

The powerful motor, the ten-speed settings, and the aircraft-grade steel blades get good results. We have seen a few people mention that the engine gets hot fast, most likely because of the housing. We’ve also heard users report a learning curve that comes with the speed settings. If you’re used to a blender with presets, it will take time to adjust to one that doesn’t have them.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Vitamix 5300 vs. 6500will depends on many factors, including your budget and the height of the kitchen cabinet. If financially constrained, the 5300 Vitamix Blender is your best bet, even though it may not fit under the kitchen cabinet. However, if budget isn’t an issue and if you are looking for the most functional blender, then the Vitamix 6500 will be a better option with its pre-programmed settings, cooling fan, larger capacity, and low-profile design.

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